The Body Shop

Mango Body Butter


Aldela I.
love love love

recommend this products so much. i used this everyday after morning bath in 6:00 am and it still moisturize my skin just perfect it has a butter texture and smells like mango exactly like mango

Jen S.
This cream smells amazing

I just love the body shop they have amazing products and deals.It was worth the price.I bought it right before xmas it wasn't on sale but I am going to buy another one.

Vanessa W.

oh. my GOD. this smells PHENOMENAL, there's a $5 on all mini body butter sale going on right now, and i picked up 2 mango, 1 coconut, and 2 lemons lol! This is my fav of them all. Mango is the most moisturizing and it smells so. so. good.

Anette A.
Absolutely delightful!

I was gifted this too for christmas and I simply love it. My skin is very dry and when I use this it becomes really really soft. I love the smell too. It's a strong mango scent but that's what I like about it.

Selah Marah B.

I was gifted this product for Christmas and I feel in love with it. It smells and feels lovely. It is great for the winter, it is thick but not to thick, I love the fact that a little goes a long way

Madai L.
Love it!

This is perfect for the winter!!! Smells good, and it keeps my skin from drying! I love using it after a shower or when I shave my legs to prevent from irritation! I also use it at night right before I got to sleep to wake up to soft moisturized skin!

Bee K.
great for winter use

This is great for winter use! It felt like my skin was drinking moisture! The only potential downside could be the strong scent. It's strong, but I personally like it.

Shelby T.
Great product!

I bought this originally for my Mom as a gift, and she loved it so much i bought it for myself! its wonderfully moisturizing and doesnt clog my pores But if you do Not like strong scents i wouldnt recommend this for you.

Catherine T.
Love the smell!!

Not only does this smell amazing but it moisturizes my winter dry skin! During the winter, I take hot showers and it tends to leave my skin really irritated. So after my shower, I'll have this body butter handy and slather it on my body. It works, and I recommend it :)

Maria Y.

This one of my all time favorite body butters, i love how soft my skin becomes after using this product for a while. And i really love the manago scent, it makes the whole process of using the body butter easy. 2 words: love it