A Perfect World White Tea Skin Guardian

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Nadia N.
Nice product pretty good as a primer

I use it mostly as a primer and it is smoothing to the skin. I am not sure if it really helps the skin in anything else. I am still on the fence about that!

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Maria Y.

Love how this melts into the skin,and makes a perfect foundation for your face make up, and works also as a primer. I alo do love the texture of this products, it is soft and smoothy and very gentle to your skin.

Anneka F.

LOVE the silicony feeling of this serum - doesn't really do anything for breakouts. But it keeps my skin glowing and protects it. It's very smoothing - works as a great primer too and smells nice!

I got this assuming it was some sort of hybrid skincare product. I'm still not sure what it is exactly, but it functioned like a primer and that's what I basically used it as. primer is not a part of my makeup routine and this product didn't do much to convince me to include it as one. it has a matte finish, and I have dry skin. nice scent though, and it didn't cause my skin to become drier. it forms a sort of barrier that presumably 'guards' your skin hence the name, but I disliked the dry, covered feeling the silicone ingredient gave on my face. I ended up returning this--it isn't a bad product, but I didn't really like it.