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I love these lipstick, i have more than 15 of them from shades from pink to nude to red....and i love them! Love how the colors stay on, and love the pay off from them compared to the price of these lipsticks.

I love this fragrance ...for me i mostly use it when i have to go out for special event or for dinners. I like how feminine this fragrance is, love it!!!!

The best foundation ever

I have bad experince with mac's studio foundation, because when i used it...i started to break out and my skin became so bad. This experince made me stay away from mac's foundation, even if a lot of their foundation got some great reviews... But when i found this foundation i was impressed, because it is all what they say! It feel like i do not wear any foundation at all, and make my skin seem flawless at the same time. I can only recommend this to others, and for the money you spend you get a lot compared to a regular size foundation. Beside that i love how it melts with you skin, and make the rest of you make up seem flawless.!

I just love this blush 2 weeks ago and since then i have been using this in my daily make up kit. I love the finish and the results of my cheeks, when i use this blush. It has this non powdery effect and give this really nice look. I can only recommend this highly !

I got this a couple of weeks ago, and i am liking the results. It is not powdery and has a good amount of pigment. So a small amount goes a long way, i mostly use it for natural looks...because i feel it gives a natural glow to my cheeks...great product compared to the price.

I was looking for a to an alternative concealer that i could use alone or with a foundation, and seaching for it for a while....i came to know about the product. But since i have not heard abot this much, i ordered i 2 different colors, that i feelt would match my skintone. And having using it for a while, i have say that i AM LOVING THE CONCEALERS! The product melts away into your skin, and i feel that i can use it alone and with a foundation. Great product compared to the price...

I really love these pins, i have thick hair and using these pins make my hair do stay on for an entire day. I use 2 twisted pins and some bobbi pins for my hair style, and can only recommend this.

I really love this during winter time, when my skin tends to get lighter. And i love how it is very easy to blend with your skin, to get the perfect finish. Beside that i love the fact that this foundation can stay on for an entire day, without making my face make up seem messy.

I love how this product does not make my lips dry out, and stays on for a long time before i have to apply it again. Beside that i love that the lipsticks are matte, and you can wear a lipgloss over it. Compared to the price, this product is amazing.

I love this lip liner, it is amazing compared to the price. I use it to fill out my lips, before applying a lip stick over it. This makes my lip stick stay on longer and for that i love this product.

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