L.A. Girl

PRO Conceal high-definition concealer


Sojourner W.
My Must Have RIght Now!!!

I absolutely love this concealer. I bought it as an impulse because it was only 1.99 or 2.99, and I thought what the heck, why not try it?! I am SO glad I did. This concealer is great. I have it in the shade Toast, which worked for summer time because I was darker, but now I have to go back and get another shade because it's too dark now! It really does conceal my under-eye circles and makes my eyes look way more awake than they normally do! I mix it with my e.l.f one right now, but I will definitely going back to get a lighter shade!

Pros: - Price - Long lasting - Conceals dark circles

Cons: - Availablity - Wrong shade can darken your eyes

xoxo Sojo


UPDATE: I mentioned above that I was going to go back and get a lighter shade. SO I went back and bought the shade Toffee...it is AMAZING! It brightens my eyes even more than before! I fell in love yet again.

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Valerie G.
Pure love!
Photo of product included with review by Valerie G.

I have it in "warm sand" and i bought it on the off chance. I regret nothing...it works great! I swore on benefits erase paste BUT the L.A. Girl PRO Concealer works even better for me. It covers just like erase paste and its easier to blend. Plus its only 2.50 bucks and the erase paste is arround 20 bucks. If you wanna have really good quality for an afordable price then get this one. I wore the concealer in the picture below

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Travelon M.
Better than MAC Pro Longwear!!!!!

Listen, I'm not big on writing reviews. They are time consuming and boring to read. but I would be doing an injustice if I didn't for this particular product. To get to the point this product is better than MAC Prolong wear. I discovered this watching YouTube videos and decided to order it from Cherry Culture because there were so many videos praising the product. And at $1.99 a piece I felt there was nothing to loose. I have this concealer in 2 colors, creamy beige and espresso. This formula is very pigmented, blendable , and quite long wearing. This is a holy grail item to me due to the quality and price combined. You need to understand that I am a high-end girl so when I give 5 stars to a $1.99 CONCEALER it must be the truth. My makeup game has upgraded to a much higher level because of YouTube and it has not cost me a dime! It would be wrong of me not to pay it forward when I discover good things!!! I will never buy MAC Pro Longwear again!!!

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Emily V.

So, looking for a great under eye concealer I went on the hunt. I read reviews on the MAC pro longwear concealer, so I picked that up - but wasn't blown away by it. Got the LA girl proconcealer in the mail, tried it under my eyes and it is SO amazing!!! It has a great finish and makes my eyes just pop. I bought the Creamy Beige shade, and I'm an NW25 in the MAC pro longwear (for reference).

This is a steal! I ordered it online (very cheap only $2). I won't be spending my money on MAC anymore. I wish I tried this first.

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Baebgurl J.
Best concealer ever!

I have spent major dollars on high end concealers and once I discovered LA Girl HD concealer, I kicked myself for doing it. This is some of the best concealer out. Can you really go wrong with a $2 concealer? It's also not hard to match up the color. I picked up 2 tubes and my first choice was the correct match. I will not be spending $20 on concealer any longer. This is the same as the $20 concealer, the only difference is the price.

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Dana T.
Absolutely Amazing!!!

The quality of this product is so high end and the price completely drugstore you gotta love that combination! The consistency of this concealer is thick and creamy it blends flawlessly,a little goes a long way. The coverage i get with this alone is like using my studio fix fluid, once you blend it in you forget about it it's that light weight. I bought a few shades i did swatches on my blog check them out! http://luvsickbeauty.blogspot.com/2012/12/dupe-for-makeup-forever-hd-concealer.html

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Roseann W.

I just bought it and i love it! The best concealer i have ever owned. At first i was scared because it was so cheap, but im glad I bought it! I have been looking for a god concealer that is creamy and can last a long time and this is it! I only paid 2 dollars for it and I am defiantly going back to get more!

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Maria Y.

I was looking for a to an alternative concealer that i could use alone or with a foundation, and seaching for it for a while....i came to know about the product. But since i have not heard abot this much, i ordered i 2 different colors, that i feelt would match my skintone. And having using it for a while, i have say that i AM LOVING THE CONCEALERS! The product melts away into your skin, and i feel that i can use it alone and with a foundation. Great product compared to the price...

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Monique S.
High Quality Concealer

Multi cultural / multi ethnic skin tones from lighter tans and beige to darker dark browns can be covered! The color correcting concealers are fabulous. These are a definite repurchase.

kia O.
love it
Photo of product included with review by kia O.

I have this concealer in the color fawn and chestnut .I use the fawn concealer as a highlight and the chestnut as foundation. This concealer is very longlasting even on my oily t zone area