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Amazing for contour!

I know a lot of people say this brush sheds a lot, but I think it's when you use it with cream/liquid products. This brush is so multipurpose that even if you do avoid using it with cream/liquid products you still have so many ways of using this. I love using this for contour, it fits right underneath the cheekbones and applies very easily as well as blending really well to give a natural contour. It's also great for blushes that need more pigmentation - this brush is dense so it'll pick up lots of colour. I also like it to dust powder around my t-zone, as it's more precise than a powder brush. You can also use it for a highlighter for powder highlights as its precise again. I think it's worth investing in, because after it stops shedding, you can use it for liquid foundation as well - it works miracles on that as well :) I bought mine used, so it doesn't shed anymore so I can use it for pretty much anything :)

Great to have!

This was my first MAC brush, and I have had a love hate relationship. At first I thought it was too flat and did not pick up any colour, but that got better over time as you wash it a few times. However, sometimes it does have a tendency to kind of stay flat and so rather than picking up product it feels like the bristles are just kinda gliding over the product and not actually picking it up. I feel it's at its best when you use a very soft eyeshadow like the Sleek shadows or MAC Woodwinked. On its good days, it is amazing, especially for people with small lid space. It deposits colour beautifully and evenly. It's also quite multipurpose in that you can use the tip to apply eyeshadow under your lash line as it is quite thin. I think it's worth getting and trying - it will last you forever, you'll use it all the time, and if you don't like it, it's popular enough that you're sure to be able to sell it.

Most natural foundation finish ever!

I used to use a duo-fibre brush and while it was great at the time, the F80 gives much more of a natural coverage by depositing the right amount of product and really blending it out. I also love using this to blend out concealer, as I currently don't have a MAC 224 to do this with, because I feel like with my fingers I'm just moving concealer around not blending it, so the F80 is amazing for that. I wasn't a fan of it for powder, as I don't really like thick layers of powder but I can imagine it'd be great for cream blush. The only problem I have with it is that because it's so dense, it's a bit hard to swirl and I find myself gripping very low around the ferrule, but the finish is very much worth it :)

Great to have, a little bit stiff

I imagine if you have a very defined socket, this would be great to apply colour, but I virtually don't have a socket so it gets a bit messy when I apply colour. But I love using this for blending out colours, although I would prefer if it was a little bit less stiff/scratchy. Sometimes I feel like it gets a bit red where I'm blending even with the lightest touch cuz it isn't the most flexible of brushes. Might be a good alternative to the black blending brush (SS224) if you like stiffer brushes. That being said, the bristles do not stain at all. I've had this for longer than my MAC 239, and that one is way more stained than this one.

Perfect, multipurpose brush!

If I'm honest, I got this brush because it was cute. But, it is so soft and multipurpose! I use it daily to apply highlight under my brows, but you can also use it as a face highlighter, and it's also great to contour your nose with. Another great way to use it is to powder just parts of your face - like to set your concealer, when you don't want to powder your whole face. Great investment, and does not shed at all! Love it.

Gorgeous smell, very moisturising.

I have this in a small size, and I do love it. It's such a nice neutral smell, so it's good for your hands too. The only thing is I don't find it amazing in consistency, it's hard to take out the exact amount you want and it's also kind of hard to smear it evenly - like when you smooth it out on your skin, it's very quick to run out and you feel like most of the product is in one place and kind of hard to blend out. It can be done, just a bit harder than other products. That being said, the moisturizing effects are phenomenal and I would highly recommend.

Wasn't Mattifying..

I love the Seaweed range, the face wash, toner and cleanser is divine. However, I didn't like this mattifying cream, 1) because it's not a cream, it's more of a jelly 2) it's not mattifying and 3) it's not moisturizing. I always felt like I was just putting jelly on my face and it just kinda sat there, never absorbed it.

Only for the oily!

Having normal/combo skin but still having quite a pimple problem, I was suggested this product. If you have anything less than purely oily skin, do NOT go for this, instead go for the Seaweed Face Wash (this thing solved ALL my problems for good). It is incredibly drying, and usually only works for a week before your skin will go back to normal. Drying out your skin unless you have oily skin, only makes your face product more sebum and has adverse effects. Also, I didn't think this face wash foamed nicely.. anyway, didn't like it myself.

Leaves you with clear, glowing skin! :)

I was really excited to try this out after all the raving in the blogging community, and to be honest I didn't see the results the first few weeks, although I did get a few compliments. My pimples had gone after using BodyShop's Seaweed Face Wash and honestly my face didn't need too much improvement. But after about 3 weeks, my skin started glowing! I felt like I had 'new' skin each time I used this product and now my skin looks more alive, fresh and smooth after each wash. Glowing is the only way I can describe it! My boyfriend, after seeing the results on me, has started using the one for men's, and he's not one for skincare or anything beauty related.

What the..

I have no idea what they did differently with this colour, because I have Drama and Day2Night and they are both extremely pigmented, soft and just all around beautiful. This one, while the colours are unique and gorgeous, the pigmentation is horrible, and so is the staying power. I have to scrub like crazy to get the colour on my brush, and really pile it on to get it to show on my lids. During all this, there is crazy amount of fall out, and then I blink a few times and I notice all the colour is gone already.. do not recommend this colour at all. As for the other 2, they are amazing!

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