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Tapered Blending - E35

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Hazimah S.

This is such a versatile brush! I got this brush as a free gift from Sigma and I fell in love with it. You can use this to apply eye shadow all over the lid, to blend or to apply highlighting shade! you can also use it to contour if you want! Total must-have for me!!

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Theresa G.
My go to brush

I love this brush so much I have 3 backups : ) This is the PERFECT blending brush. Sigma brushes by far beat a lot of other name brand brushes. Especially the sigma brush set! Great quality and great price : )

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Donna T.
Best Blending Brush Ever

This blending brush is hands down, the best one I've ever used. I feel like it's on par with MAC quality. I've tried BH Cosmetics, Crown Brush, a few random brushes from random drugstores, and MAC and this Sigma brush is still my favorite. It's stayed soft after repeated washings, and never shed on me at all.

Rebeckah W.
A must have brush!

Have you ever seen a celebrity or catwalk model with a beautifully blended eye makeup and wondered how do i achieve that? Simple you NEED this brush! It blends flawlessly, holds colour well (but doesn't stain). Perfect for slowly building colour and smoothing out harsh edges. Its a must have brush if you want to apply your makeup like a pro :)

Yu A.
Great to have, a little bit stiff

I imagine if you have a very defined socket, this would be great to apply colour, but I virtually don't have a socket so it gets a bit messy when I apply colour. But I love using this for blending out colours, although I would prefer if it was a little bit less stiff/scratchy. Sometimes I feel like it gets a bit red where I'm blending even with the lightest touch cuz it isn't the most flexible of brushes. Might be a good alternative to the black blending brush (SS224) if you like stiffer brushes. That being said, the bristles do not stain at all. I've had this for longer than my MAC 239, and that one is way more stained than this one.