Beauty Product Reviews


I love these, i have three of them. I have a pink, orange, and red. They don't dry out your lips which is great. The hydrate actually. They have amazing color pay off as well.


I have two of these and i am in love. It has great color but it can be easy too use to much. I love it though. I want one in every shade <3

Love <3

I am in love with this quad! I use it everyday and sometimes use the shadows by themselves, they're great both ways. They all suit each other amazingly. I also have Enchanted forest, i love it as well. But i have another but i have another, i think its seascape and i don't like it too much but other than that, they are amazing :)

Super mega awesome :D

I love all the colors! I love that they aren't too sheer or too pigment. It lets you build color. I love that they have a tad bit of shimmer in them. They are so easy to blend and the color combo is great. I love this product :D


It gives amazing volume. It makes your lashes thick without the clump. It is my favorite mascara i`ve ever used. I like that it doesn't give like 5 feet long lashes, but still adds length to your lashes. The brush and formula are both amazing. I super suggest this.

Good Product!

I like this product, i use it everyday. Its lightweight and it's not just cakey. This product isn't amazing or great. It's good. The flaw with this product for me is that it is not easy to blend.

Very refreshing (:

I really liked this product except that it dried my face very badly. I now use the moisturizer duo part but without the wash. It did wake me up and it was refreshing. I really like the product for the use.

I love this product. I like the texture, it sticks but doesn't too sticky. It lasts forever also. I love all the colors and favors. They are 100% worth the money.

In all honestly, i don't really like the product. I use to use it ALOT when i first started using makeup. The brush is just mehh for me, its just very drying on my lashes. It just kind of clumped up on me. I don't like the formula or the brush, basically just the product in general. Also, it got old very quickly! :(

I loved the one i had <3 It was in lemon, it is very conditioning! They smell great and taste good too! :D It is very easy to carry with you.