Rimmel London

Eyeshadow Trio


Tanya H.
Bad for deeper skin tones

If your complexion is around Kim Kardashian (only person i could think of) or darker, then the middle shade may not show up, and if you have a really deep skin tone, the darkest shade wont work either. I recommend using the deepest shade for light eyebrow touchups. The middle shade as a highlight and the lightest shade on the inner 1/2 of your lid and blended outwards.

Tara M.

I really didn't like the quality of this shadow. It doesn't stay on and it feels stiff. It also doesn't pick up on the brush to apply, I even tried to use my fingers I was so desperate. I like some Rimmel products but definately not this one.

Tatyana T.
I really like rimmel but ...

I bought this a few months ago, I was really exited because rimmel is one of my favorite brands. It looked pretty in the package, but the eye shadow didn't show on my face at all.

Maria Y.

This was one of my first pallettes i got in the beginning, and for me this trio was not good at all.... I felt the eye shadow was smudging and going every where...and every time i did apply the product, it keept falling down on my cheek bones..because it was so powdery.

Emma Kirstine K.
Disapoiting :(

This product nearly made me cry... i ordered this of the net, because i couldn't find my wanted shade in any drugstore near me. - So when i finally got it, i was devastated. i had to litteraly RUB my brush into the shadow, to pickup any color, and then it had a crazy amount of fall out, but that wasn't the end of it. Because the color that i got onto my lid, was so very sheer, that it barely showed up on my lid... i tried with several different eyebases, but nothing worked...

Jessica L.
Super mega awesome :D

I love all the colors! I love that they aren't too sheer or too pigment. It lets you build color. I love that they have a tad bit of shimmer in them. They are so easy to blend and the color combo is great. I love this product :D

Tiffany F.
one of the best i have used in years.

I love this trio palatte. I have it in Maritime and Orion. I mostly use the Orion because i love the natrual look. Its great for smoky eye or just follow with the light color as a highlight, middle color in the crase, and dark on the lid. Any way you want you really cant go wrong.

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Louise V.

this eyeshadow is really nice for smokey eyes, but also just one of the single colours. I use it a lot, and the colours just fit each other well. It's a nice and natural look you can create with these eyeshades! :)

Melanie G.
Great for the ££

I really like the colours, I used this all the time last year creating a simple/natural smoky eye for work everyday. i really liked the look but after an 8 hour shift i did notice the staying power wasn't amazing. The creamy colour was my favourite it makes for a lovely highlight. the medium slightly shimmery brown colour wasn't that intense so i had to layer it up quite a bit though the matte darker brown was softer and much more intense, i also used this occasionally as a brow shadow. All in all not bad for the price.

Dawn C.
Not very impressive...too light

I got all of the palettes when they were deeply discounted last spring at Walgreen's. I also had a bunch of coupons, so I did not spend alot of money....only about $1 each.

That being said, the colors look beautiful in the packaging, but are very weak on my skin. Even using primer and a solid white base, it took way too many layers of this shadow to show up.

I gave these to my daughters to play dress-up with, I have no use for these. Before I let my daughter's at them, I tried some of the colors on a friend with a very pale complexion and this didn't show up on her very well either.

What a disappointment.