Beauty Product Reviews

This perfume is not for the faint of heart. It has a very strong, very musky scent, which iam a fan of, but some might find it a bit overpowering. This is definitely an evening scent, but worn properly, you can totally rock this is the day!. just remember, one spritz and you're set!

Oh my goodness! This scent is so light and refreshing! And I believe that it has a tocuh of banana? I may be wrong, but it smells so lovely. I have yet to purchase this scent, bu I have had quite a few samples and I am in love. I cannot wait to go out and but this!

These are amazing! A tad bit pricy, but they last quite a while. My favorit scentis Leaves, which I believe is a seasonal scent. Only negative I have to say about these is that the sugary scents are very overpowering and make me quite nauseous.

Best makeup removers i've ever used. i'm not a fan of liquid makeup remover, and these towelettes are perfect for me! so easy to use and very gentle around your eyes.

Although I try not to wear fake lashes anymore (all natural baby) I loooooooooooooove these! Most amazing fake lashes i've ever used, and for the price? not too shabby! They make my eyes look wide and fabulous<3 love love LOVE.

One word: SHINY. This product just does not work for me! i do use it for a higlight arund my cheeks and nose,but I use it sparsely because it does make me look very shin.y kind of torn about this product. I wish it contained less shimmer.

This was my first mascara that I ever purchased and I looooooved it! Although it does nothing miraculous fr your lashes, its good to wear on a day where you want to go a bit more natural.

What is this product supposed to do again? It's a pretty good translucent powder, but a complexion perfector? not really. I do use it to set my makeup on days when i'm not really that tanned, because it does make your face a bit white.

I didn't really have high hopes for this, considering that they only cost a dollar, bit I was blown away! I kind of hoped that it would actually smell like pink lemonade, but hey! mint isn't that bad. Plus it makes my lips feel tinlgy and I loooove that!

These are good eyeshadows for the price! The only con I have about them is that the purple shades are usually waaaay too powdery and the color pay off sucks, but the other shades are definitely worht checking out!

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