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This may be the one <3

Before using this moisturizer I was using Cliniques Dramaticially Different Lotion for Dry skin... like a sucker I paid 25$ for something I was just eh about. Then randomly in the drugstore I saw this, and I just had my clinique one so I was like okay why not. I do have combination-dry skin. Its drier then not. This moisturizer is AMAZING. It regulates everything, leaves the perfect base for makeup, my skin looks brighter, less dry and just all around amazing. I&#39;ve seen a huge improvement in clarity and flakiness in my skin. I&#39;m just so in love with this product, a random purchase turned out to be one of my best :)

I'm so hard to match- not for this foundation <3

For years I&#39;ve struggled with finding the right match for foundations- either theyre too yellow or too pink or too dark or a really awful consistency for my skin type.. womp womp womp. I have tried every MAC foundation in any shade similar to mine- I like MAC foundations so it was just my color that made me quit MAC for a while. One day I couldnt take it anymore, I walked in MAC and said I NEED TO BE MATCHED. I told her my little story she sat me down and handed me matchmaster in shade 1.5 (yes I&#39;m pretty light) She put it on me I was like still iffy.... the next few days I put it on myself- I instantly fell in love. Not only does it match me completely, it&#39;s super light weight, buildable, and natural looking- pair this with my MSF light medium and I am more then set- I actually bought a concealer when I bought the foundation and I&#39;ve found little use for it- this concealer is incredible- 10 stars if I could :)

it does its job

I didnt realize this was for eyes and lips, so i use it for my whole face.. but it does exactly what its supposed to do. it takes off everything! So i really like it, a little goes a long way so It&#39;ll last a good while even though i use it for my whole face.


I dye my hair about every month or so and I&#39;ve been dying it for about 5 years. I have horrible split ends( i neglect getting trims) I&#39;ve been looking for a good hair mask that would help my ends. so i decided to try this one, i saw a lot of mixed reviews but it was so cheap i thought why not. I put a little little bit on my ends and worked my way up. left it for about an hour- no heat. and rinsed it off, my hair was extremely soft. I actually loved the smell. I used this about 4 days ago and my ends still look amazing. I&#39;ve already bought a back up pack even though I think mine is going to last me awhile :)

Me Gusta.

I already have &#34;long lashes&#34; - and I used to always use Lash Blast, when i became a Mark. rep I got this for free- I love it, havent touched last blast in like 3 months, this is a perfect mascara for after u curl your lashes and it doesnt cause spider lashes.

I use it everyday

I don&#39;t have much practice with liquid liners, this is actually the first one I&#39;ve used. and i use it everyday, i find it super easy to use and it lasts all day on me :) i really really like it, in 3 months I&#39;m already about to order my 3rd one :D

Awesome for dark spots

not going to lie my skin in less then perfect, I have crazy dark spots- I normally only use my hard candy all in one foundation since it usually covers almost everything but not my dark spots. So I bought this concealer to pair with it, and my God together my skin looks almost perfect- dark spots hidden :)

Just got this brush like 3 days ago- it&#39;s now my new favorite brush it&#39;s soft and blends blush out beautifully- perfect blush brush definately like 5 stars and 2 thumbs up.

not so industrial strength.

I think i may have expected too much from this product, and maybe the brand. I personally had never bought anything from benefit before but im always hearing rave reviews of their products. So when i saw an &#34;industrial strength&#34; concealer I was quick to buy it. The first time i tried it, I was already sent an alarm, it did conceal from a distance, but up close it was cakey and left dark marks. Under my eye it is really good and also brightening. But for acne and stuff like that its an eh concealer- its good i guess but not any more special then a MAC or even drug store brand concealer.

Thumbs Up

I have too many of these too count, They are super creamy, true to color and super bright. For the price they are amazingly worth it, definitely recommend these to anyone. i like theyre like 3-4$ they may not even be that much.

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