Scanda-Lash Hook Up Mascara

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Vanya C.
whoa! my lashes look scandalous!

I have never seen my lashes so defined and I can see my lower lashes just fine, no need to zoom in or focus the camera cause pow! there they are my lashes are the latest scandal. seriously though, my lashes are not that long and I am a maybelline lash junkie and I went out on a whim and tried this + i sell mark so it was convenient enough and I love it and what it does for my lashes. the best part is my lash does not feel as if they're going to break when i touch them, they still feel natural *thumbs up* for great consistency and wonderful formula that allows my lashes to curl so nicely.

Carolyn H.
Me Gusta.

I already have "long lashes" - and I used to always use Lash Blast, when i became a Mark. rep I got this for free- I love it, havent touched last blast in like 3 months, this is a perfect mascara for after u curl your lashes and it doesnt cause spider lashes.

Angela V.

I wanted to like these but I just couldn't like them. I havent been a big fan of Avon for a few reasons for 1.. I can buy a high end mascara for almost the same price as 1 of the Avon mascaras.. Mark. is an alright brand but I didn't like this mascara it didn't do anything for my lashes and I am totally not a fan of the hook ups any of them.

Anita S.

I love this mascara and i love that it comes in the hookup ... You can buy this products from me . You can also email me at to get the promo code for free shipping with purchase of $30 or more .

Andrea B.
One of the best mascaras I've ever used

I actually have short lashes and mascaras never work right for me but this surprised me and made my lashes look AMAZING. Gives length and volume. I LOVE IT! Definitely recommend

Tina L.
One of my favorites!

I absolutely love this mascara, it's one of the few mascaras that I've tried that actually holds a curl for my thin Asian lashes. It has a drier formula, so it's really great for thinner lashes. It separates my lashes very nicely, and gives it length and volume. It makes my lashes love great!

Franky F.
Great for Lengthening

If you want longer lashes this is the product to get. Also comes in brown and indigo. Use the indigo on lower lashes if you have small eyes to make them pop and look bigger!!!

Yomaira C.
the name says it all!

i absolutely love this mascara!!! I just recently ran out and I have been trying out other mascaras and nothing compares! My lashes are straight and as soon as i apply this mascara, it gives them volume and even makes them look slightly curled :) great investment!

Brittany H.
Not for short, sparse lashes.

This mascara would probably be good for people that already have long, thick lashes. BUT, it did absolutely nothing for my short lashes. Even when I curled my lashes it seemed like I didn't apply anything at all. I guess one good thing about it is, it doesn't clump.

Nicole B.

I am depply in love with scanda-lash! I love that it is a hookup - you can bring it with you anywhere (NOTE: if you buy two hookup products, you get a hookup connector for free... just saying! lol). I normally curl my lashes before i apply my mascara, but for this you do not have to! swipe on two coats of this baby, and you have voluminous lashes!