On the Edge Hook Up Liquid Eyeliner


Aubrey G.

I used this for a year before i ran out, it does an amazing job, and i loved that i only had to go over once without smudges or streaks.

Michaela C.
Better than the Urban Decay liquid liner.

I own a lot of Avon/Mark products because my mom's friend sells them. When I first started out with using liquid liner about a year ago, I bought this. I absolutely love it. It goes on so smooth and it's so easy to use, and the brush is super flexible which is great for me because I like to wing out my eyeliner.

Recently, I purchased the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner and I hate it. The brush is weird, and it's not as dark as the Mark eyeliner, plus you get WAY less product than expected. The Urban Decay is $22 and the Mark is $7. The better choice is obvious.

Carolyn H.
I use it everyday

I don't have much practice with liquid liners, this is actually the first one I've used. and i use it everyday, i find it super easy to use and it lasts all day on me :) i really really like it, in 3 months I'm already about to order my 3rd one :D

Anna W.
Hits and misses.

I've owned many of these over the last 8 years. I always buy them for the convenient Hook-up packaging, hope that they changed the formula, then become sad when I realize they still kind of suck. I just threw away the last ones I bought and am finally ready to quit them. They're pretty tempting at the price point (are they still $6?) but ultimately do not perform as well as some other drugstore liners. (NYX)

'Cleo' is the one I have the biggest problem with, because it separates BIG TIME, and after a few uses, shaking ceases to mix the product well.

I haven't had an issue with the shimmer or metallic shades separating, but the formula on those isn't spectacular either. Basically if my eyes watered at all, the liner would dissolve completely. On lucky days when my eyes stayed dry, the wear would be patchy.

The Hook-up packaging is the star of the show, but the product inside stinks. There are other Mark products that come in hook-up form that are worthwhile, but I would skip the liner.