Eye Enhancers 1 Kit Shadows


Rachelle-Denise  M.
A Must Have

I mainly use this as my "crease color". It's an awesome shade to blend in and create a smoldering eye. But I also use this to darken my waterline whenever I am using my jumbo white eyeliner. It helps to pull of a flawless execution. This product is AWESOME!

Pamela K.
Great bargain eyeshadow

I used covergirl for years and generally got some good use out of their eyeshadows. My only complaints would be that many of them aren't very pigmented and have a lot of fall out and they tend to crumble. However they have a great selection of colors and they have some really great neutrals and high light shades.

Felicia S.
Great Neutral Shades

I have the shades Tapestry Taupe and Champagne and they are BEAUTIFULLY pigmented!! They're so rich and shimmery! However the less neutral shades I've tried didn't work out as well. Forever Fig was a shade that I tried which was later discontinued. That one had terrible payoff and it was chunky and gross :/ it was deceiving because it looked sooo pretty in the pan but did not wear well on my lids with a primer AND a cream base. However Champagne is a beautiful highlight or lid shade and the taupe is universally flattering on all eye colors/skin tones!

Julia R.
Dupe for MAC

Cover Girl shadows always seemed so cheap to me. But after hearing that the shade Mink was an acceptable dupe for MAC's All That Glitters, I decided to purchase it. While I don't regret buying it, I'm sure MAC's is better quality.

Firstly, I had dryness issues with this. It's stiff in the pan and you need to sweep your brush over it several times to get enough color on the brush. However, the shadow goes on smoothly and evenly, and does not fade, wearing reasonably well for 8 hours.

However, after 4 or 5 hours (depending on whether or not you used primer, respectively) you're going to deal with fallout. Nothing horrendous, but noticeable enough to where you have to factor it in.

The packaging also feels cheap and "drugstore" to me, which is not attractive or enticing me to purchase. Also worth noting is that the pan of shadow is longer and rectangular, so if you're into de-potting, this could take up space in your magnetic palette.

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Carline C.
Its better for dark skin

my skin is the same color so all it does is give it sparkle but i like it, it makes my eyes pop , it last long and shows up with a good base

Victoria D.

When I was in middle school and high school, and would wear strictly black eyeshadow, I would go through a Black Onyx pan over and over again. Now that I'm more into colors, I've picked up a few different ones. They're okay, but depending on the shade pigmentation can be seriously lacking. Very inconsistent, so you have to be careful what you buy, because it could be a good one or a bad one!

Shannon M.
Do not like how it applys!

I have purchased a few of these in the past and they were ok. They didn't really give off too much color. After a while the powder clumped and it was difficult to use. I would recommend Maybelline single shadows over this!

Jennifer B.
It's a good neutral.

It doesn't come close to comparing with a shade in my Too Faced Palette, but it's a nice shade. I use it in my crease to create a very natural look. If you were to swatch this, you have to push a little hard, or more to get some of the pigment out. But for just $3.99, I think it's a great shade that'll last me forever.

Brit S.

I've tried several of these eye shadows and I'm usually disappointed with them. They work ok if I put them over another cream shadow or a primer, but they're definitely not my favorite. I feel like they come out more dull than they look in the palette, and I don't like the way they go on.

Tianna D.
Not Bad

I have these in a lot of colors, a lot of colors. While these aren't the worst eyeshadows I've ever tried they're definitely not the worst. I obviously don't mind working with them or I wouldn't have so many. I just feel the color payoff could be a little better but other than that I have no complaints.