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Never Again.

I'm a sucker for hype, I kept seeing videos about these and they really looked great in pictures and everywhere else I saw them So i sent and bought a single one and the quad. I hated both of them, I dont know which colors I got and I dont care, They are awful. No pigmentation, they make a mess and are just all around awful. I don't like giving bad reviews but i just really hated them.

I bought it for the color.

I bought 2 of these, right now I can't remember the names. But they were two baby pink glosses. I didn't buy them for any kind of plumping action, I dont notice any difference when I use plumping products. So, for color purposes i like them, they are really sheer but the color comes through a little. I like the tingling feeling even though I know I'm not being plumped lol .


ehhhh not As good as the pro long wear foundation and way way way too sheer They're are wAy better Mac concealers For coverage, but if you only need sheer coverageci guess this is right for you

Omg holy grail!!!

oh my god I bought this as a just cause at walmart and I freakin love it! I use it every day it's so perfect when I want to get ready in little to no time And even thought it doesn't cover every single thing it covers enough and saves me so much time it earns Its 5 stars. Definitely.

Go-to mascara

i really love this mascara it's the one mascara that i continue to buy- it doesnt clump my lashes and its just an all around good mascara. My only problem is that i go through it too fast- cause i love it so much!

Good for a quickie :)

Paint pots are good for when you dont really want to do your makeup but you want to feel done up. Painterly is my first choice for a simple running out the door sweep of color.

Makes me feel girly :)

I have the little necklace one. And not only was it a cute accessary but it smells sooo gooood. I really love this perfume- maybe one day i'll buy the full sized lol

I love it!

Of the whole 3 step system this is the only part I continue to use. I just purchased the big bottle. I use it every morning and night. It's the perfect consistency and leaves my skin breathing and soft. LOVE IT.

Nope, Didnt do anything.

Maybe for a few days i saw a tiny difference. or maybe it was just in my head.- This didnt do anything for me. It smells like pure soap and felt like i was using regular soap on my face. it's really drying. not impressed at all.

Smells so good.

I thought these were so cute so i bought one. I love the smell.. but it tastes kind of gross. Also they dont really moisturize my lips, they kind of just leave a greasy feeling on the surface. not too pleasant.

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