Beauty Product Reviews

I LOVE this!!!! I have 6 of the 10 and have been using the Bad to the Bronze since I got it, and every eyeshadow I have used over it makes it gorgeous. Best of all it doesn't crease. I did a full review at these on my blog, check it out:

I have been wanting this for a long time and finally got it a few months ago. I love this. I got this originally to wear alone since I don't need much coverage, but it is great also as a setting powder for liquid foundation. Hands down my holy grail face powder!!!

I use to one in skintone and a love it. Best one I have used in a long time. I doesn't crease and really helps my eyeshadows last longer. The best part is that it is affordable.

I am so i love with these lip butters. They are so pigmented and mositurzing, and they come in so may colors. there is something for everyone. There is 20 shades and I have 15!!! Yep, I'm obsessed. I have a review on my blog, with swatches.

I love these palettes. I have all the palettes including the "i love matte" palette. They are pigmented, creamy, and affordable. I reviewed them in my blog at: http://browneyedbeautie87.blogspot.... Hopefully to get a review up on the matte one

I can't believe how great this product is for such an affordable price and easy to find. I saw this on all over YouTube, of beauty gurus talking anout tuia product.I did a review on it on my blog. Check it out at: http://browneyedbeautie87.blogspot....

I have a mini NARS laguna bronzer that came in a set from Sephora, well the bronzer is too light for my skin tone but is a perfect nude eyeshadow for me. I originally bought this duo for a dupe when the mini laguna ran out. I honestly don't see how it is a dupe, this bronzer to me is a little darker BUT I think it is the perfect shade for me. The blush is also great. I plan to use the palette after I use up two other bronzers in my collection. Go pick this up.

I was amazed who NOT sticky there were and they last a long time on the lips. They don't have a lot of colors but they are a great buy.


I bought these when ELF had the 60% off the entire website. I risked it and bought 5 (gave 2 to my sister). These are really amazing, they are so moist and easily remove all my makeup and all it takes is 1 cloth. This is replacing my neutrogena eye makeup remover. Will purchase again.


These blushes are HIGHLY PIGMENTED. I have 4 of these: X-rated, Immortal, Seduce, & Shameless. I got it on sale for $16 on Hautelook. You only need a little it will go a long way. Seriously these blushes will last you forever. Even for $40 they are worth it.

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