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Amalee W.

Best blush ever! You only need a little bit for each swipe because it's sooooo pigmented and it lasts pretty much 8 hours for me. It will probably take me at least a year to hit pan.. The packaging is sleek compared to other companies, and it has a mirror! I own Immoral and Seduce and would love to own more but I highly doubt I'll ever finish one. They're also hard to get if not for Hautelook or other discounted high end brands websites or blog sales.

Irian L.

LOVE LOVE LOVE R&R have become my one of my favorites blushes. The quality is comparable to NARS. They are very pigmented and so soft a littel goes a long way .The packaging is gorgeous . The only way you can find these blushes now is if you go on haute look because these blushes are being discontinued . so if you can get your hand on them grab them while you still can . You will not regret getting them it is worth every penny .

Kari T.
Photo of product included with review by Kari T.

These blushes are HIGHLY PIGMENTED. I have 4 of these: X-rated, Immortal, Seduce, & Shameless. I got it on sale for $16 on Hautelook. You only need a little it will go a long way. Seriously these blushes will last you forever. Even for $40 they are worth it.

DeShelle W.

These blushes are EXTREMELY pigmented. For the price you pay, It's definitely worth it, I have an the color "All Nighter" DON'T be intimidated by this color, It's definitely build-able. It lasts me all day. NO NEED FOR TOUCH UPS!!!

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Soo N.
pigmented, buildable, one will last you a long time
Photo of product included with review by Soo N.

The packaging for X-Rated isn't very practical. It's actually pretty bulky for the product inside. Nevertheless, I find its look very appealing. The box is sealed with two stickers of the blush's name on both sides. It comes in a weighty compact with no magnetic closure that could be inconvenient for traveling. The blush has that pressed-into-the-pan feeling, but it is finely milled, nicely pigmented with very minimal fallout and has lasting power. X-Rated looks really bold in the pan but swatches a lot lighter and is very buildable if you want that extra flush of color. Attached is a photo of light, medium and heavy swatches of X-Rated blush.

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Linda D.
Extremely pigmented!
Photo of product included with review by Linda D.

This product is amazing amazing amazing. This blush is really pigmented so you really need a light hand depending on the shade that you are using. I only have in "Immoral" and its a gorgeous orange/pink color. I love how it gives me the glowly flesh tone color. This is one of the few colors that you need a light hand with. Cannot wait to get my hands on the rest of the colors. I know it retails for $40 online but keep your eyes out for there sale on Hautelook :)

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Liana B.

In case you can't tell, I love these blushes! They are soo worth the $40 (even though that's not what I paid for them1) They are super pigmented, long lasting, beautiful colors, and the packaging is gorgeous! I did a review on my blog here:

Jacqueline T.
Photo of product included with review by Jacqueline T.

Beautiful and super pigmented!! I barely have to touch my brush onto the blush and that is enough to give me color on my cheeks. If you can get your hands on these then I highly recommend that you try it! I have 8 different shades of them and I will probably not be able to even finish them at all.

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Rai C.
Photo of product included with review by Rai C.

R&R have become my new favorites blushes. The quality is comparable to NARS (which are my favorites as well) and may be even slightly better. I own 9 of the shades they created. They're going to last forever.

Sadly I think they've been discontinued.

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Alexis W.

These blushes are AMAZING!!! I have two of them Immoral and X-Rated. Immoral is like a coral orange color, very beautiful color. X-Rated is like a pinkish raspberry color, also very beautiful. They are both matte. The texture is very silky and smooth. The pigmentation is awesome and a little goes a long way and the have a great lasting power.