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This has got to be my most favorite lip product out there! I found this to be EXTREMELY moisturizing as well as you got a lovely tint on your lips.I used one pot of this for a good 6 months before it was empty. I do wish the price was a bit lower, but that is just the frugal-ness in me.

The packaging of these are extremely cute and they work extremely well!! I've tried many many other brands and they don't work as well as these! These soak up all of the oil very quickly and I didn't have to use as many sheets as I normally use!

I've been using this for a year or two now and I absolutely love it! I was a bit skeptical when I first purchased this, but after my first use, I definitely hooked on it! It smells amazing and leaves my hair soft and shiny. I have used this after dying my hair to put some moisture back into it and it works amazingly! My hair feels like it was never dyed at all! :)

Although I do like these wipes, I feel that they can be better. They do take my makeup off and they haven't made my face break out at all, which is really good. If I have eyeliner on my waterline or mascara on my bottom lashes, these do not burn my eyes at all when I am removing the liner or mascara. I do feel that they could be a little more saturated with product, but thats just me. I have used these trying to remove my waterproof mascara, that I don't wear often and it wasnt that easy to get it off, I wound up mixing eye makeup remover with this just to get it off. They are okay for the price that they are, but I wont be rushing to buy them again when I run out.

Holy grail!

Now, I didnt get this exact kit, but I have these 3 products And I want to say that even though I am not a teenager, this stuff worked wonders for me! I was getting fed up trying so many different kinds of acne things. From clean and clear to natural products, and this was my first time trying somethingg "high end" and oh my goodness! My face cleared up and has pretty much stayed clear except for those few "time of the month breakouts". These 3 products are currently my holy grail skin are items. They seriously saved my acne ridden face.

Love it!

I have this in Champagne and I seriously love it! Although the brush is not the greatest, I basically just keep it to plug it when I'm not using it. I use my own brush with this and I find that's the best way to do it! It gives you just the right amount of sparkle and dazzle!

Ooh child. Okay, I bought this with great expectations (see what I did there), but this honestly was a huge miss for me. I was so excited because this was made to control oil, but for me, it broke me out something fierce. Which was a bummer because the shade matched me quite well. I wound up having to give it to my sister, because it just started to break me out in not only pimples and blackheads, but I also had an allergic reaction to it. :( I really wanted to love this foundation though.

I made the mistake of buying this without reading into it. Even thought I bought this when it first came out two years ago, I've not bought it sense and actually still have the completely full bottle of it still. (weird I know) I just want to say that if you have oily skin, stay away from this foundation! I found that it actually had an extremely dewy finish, that did not look well on me at all. It has a really light coverage on me at all, and it felt Iike it was sitting ontop of my skin, mocking me because of my oily skin.

I used to have about 10 of these at one point in time. I had the. Stashed absolutely everywhere! I still love this lip balm even though I found that after a few months it started to get gritty on me. It helped keep my lips from getting chapped when I worked outside. I still think it is a good lip balm all in all. I'm just not sure about the grittyness after a while.


This product was a complete miss for me! It has the weirdest smell too it. It's not even a good smell in my opinion. This was the first setting spray I had ever used and I absolutely hated it. It actually made my face look dewy and made me 10x more oily than I normally am! Which is not good in my books! It also irritated me skin quite a bit and it honestly did not even soak into my skin, it felt like it was just sitting ontop of my makeup.

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