Clean Start Kit


Emily M.
This is Perfect!

I actually got a larger version of this kit, including the wash off, the welcome matte spf 15, the ready, set, scrub, the bedtime for breakouts, and the all over clear products. I use this system every day, and I love it. As a sixteen year old, I have very moody skin, so this has worked really well on keeping my face a lot cleaner. I would definitely recommend it.

Xiomara T.

This line is directed for teenagers but anyone can use it. I started off using the samples from work and instantly loved all the products.

I started a few people on these products and they enjoyed them too. My favorite product from the Clean Start line is "Hit the Spot"

I use it a lot.

Autumn C.
Holy grail!

Now, I didnt get this exact kit, but I have these 3 products And I want to say that even though I am not a teenager, this stuff worked wonders for me! I was getting fed up trying so many different kinds of acne things. From clean and clear to natural products, and this was my first time trying somethingg "high end" and oh my goodness! My face cleared up and has pretty much stayed clear except for those few "time of the month breakouts". These 3 products are currently my holy grail skin are items. They seriously saved my acne ridden face.

Liz S.

I actually got a smaller version of this kit in a recent Glossybox and absolutely love it! It is part of my daily skincare routine and I think I will be purchasing this once it runs out. These were the first Dermalogica products I had tried and was not disappointed, the wash off foaming wash left my skin feeling fresh and smooth and defiantly helped with my oily complexion and acne. The all over clear purifying toner does its job and feels great, and the welcome matte spf15 moisturizer applies well with a small amount and does not feel greasy which again is a plus with my complex. I would defiantly recommend this product.

Amy M.
Love it

It helps a lot :) I recommend it to others to use x using it regularly helps to keep u clean and healthy x The price it worth the product

Melissa W.
Not the best

I have dry acne prone skin that at times gets oily usually just through my t-zone. These products were used during a facial and suggested for me so I bought the sample kit that included the cleanser, day and night treatment moisturizers, the matte moisturizer and toner. These products irritated my already sensitive skin and completely dried it out. The cleanser felt nice on my face but once I would finish my cleansing it left me tight and flaky. The day and night moisturizer treatments were a weird consistency and fell short of a nice texture with absolutely no hydration. The smell was to strong for my skin to handle at times and gave my whole face a rash every couple of weeks. I've used these products for about 4 months and when I switch to other products to try and find something that works for my skin better that will not irritate my skin; I know now that this particular line is not helpful and is very irritating to sensitive skin

Kirin S.
Didn't like this at all!

I got this kit (a smaller version) as a free gift when I placed a subscription to my favourite magazine . I was so excited to try this out, but after using it I didn't like it. The packaging said it is especially made for teens with oily skin. And that's me! I have oily skin and I'm 15. However, this product (especially the "All over toner" irritated and burnt my skin. It just left my face all red, and I found that it really did not clear acne. The packaging also said "Tough on breakouts, gentle on the skin". Yeah, right! 😕 I would not recommend this.