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Sparkle Eye Dust

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Kendra H.
Love for stage makeup

I've used this in several stage productions where glitter was needed! I think that it just gives a very nice dusting without overdoing it! I don't like it for everyday use and the packaging is kind of confusing and it's hard to actually get product into the applicator brush. But for stage work it's lovely.

Alycia K.

Some colors didn't work well for me but the whole reason I'm giving this 5 stars is because of two Colors that I love!! sunshine and radiant!! Omfg in love is an understatement! obviously you have to have a sticky base but that's always the case with loose eyeshadows

Autumn C.
Love it!

I have this in Champagne and I seriously love it! Although the brush is not the greatest, I basically just keep it to plug it when I'm not using it. I use my own brush with this and I find that's the best way to do it! It gives you just the right amount of sparkle and dazzle!

Sunshine Girl  U.
Awesome Product!

Im always leery about trying lower brand products in the Drug stores. But NYC seems to be the better end of the lower end products. lol The Sparkle eye dust is amazing! Of course it holds up better with the primer but don't be afraid to try this for yourself. It has a light pigment and a nice shimmer. Perfect for summer time or for pretty girls on the go.

Blondee B.

i really like these alot i purchased the white one and the "bronzy" one lol im not sure what the names are the are pretty pigmented for drugstore products i love using the white as my face highlights it makes your skin angelic and beautiful i really like to use it as a brow and inner cornner highlight as well and i use the bronze mostly as a transitional shade to fade my shimmery highlights into my matte smoky browns, it really helps give the look a gradient effect and warms up the entire look a little more

Lillee T.
they were...

I thought this looked SOOO pretty in stores and they are on the eyes . The brush , It is terrible ;[ It sheds AND the cap is so small I cant really put my brush in except for my mac 231 .

Avis G.

I purchased Pink does the work. I believe it was no more that $2, can't complain about that. nothing to holler about except that its good for the price

Rebecca M.

I got this years ago in white and on the eyelid it looks like a weird electric blue color ;( completely disappointed. Also the brush that it comes with is horrible, I just you use a regular eyeshadow brush.

Myrna P.

I do not like this product at all. The brush is no good and the selection of colors are very limited. Once you apply the product it feels like it is fading.