Too Faced

Re-Fresh Oil Blotting Papers


Perry C.
Great for on the go!!

This product is a must-have for every female's purse!! I especially love it when I am out on the town with my girls and dancing the night away. Helps you look fabulous in pictures taken at all times of the night. Just a few blots and you are good to go!! I would definitely recommend this product.

Faith F.

My face has always been really oily, and having these oil papers with me makes my confidence much better. When every I feel a little bit of oil I just pull one out and wipe my face, the paper absorbs it and leaves your face wonderful.

evaMarav e.

I could not imagine my daily life without this product I have oily skin and the too faced re-fresh oil blotting papers solved my problem with a simple flick my skin returns as it was in the morning when I did my makeup five stars with the hands down

colleen c.

No matter what "anti-shine", oil-free products I use I still get shiny oily skin by midday. These are fabulous for mopping it up without disturbing ANY of my makeup, and no extra powder required after. Also great at the end of the day when you are touching your day make-up to go out, it prepares the skin nicely so you can do just that.

Autumn C.

The packaging of these are extremely cute and they work extremely well!! I've tried many many other brands and they don't work as well as these! These soak up all of the oil very quickly and I didn't have to use as many sheets as I normally use!

Lauren W.
Pretty good!

seems like it works well for what it's made for! I've seen cheaper versions, but how cute is the packaging?! I need to get my hands on more of these, b/c my face is always shiny at the end of the day!