Rimmel London

Lycra®Wear 10 + Minerals


Sonia T.

for the price, this is awesome.. lasts long, doesn't chip, very pigmented.. perfect! The range of colors is good, I never had problems finding any shade I was looking for. I am not giving 5/5 stars because I think the salon pro line is better..

Shabrina D.
good nail polish

this nail polish works pretty well as far as applying it on goes, it doen't stay on for long even with my top coat on though. but i got it free in a gift set when i purchased a mascara by Rimmel London during the christmas sales.

Hasini J.
good job rimmel

I'm in love with the formulation, applicator, and the colour availability. It's much better than most nail polishes, especially since it's drugstore. i've purchased many of these nail polishes in a variety of colours, and i especially like the ones that have the bigger and improved brush. It lasts for an average of 8-9 days without a top coat. With a top coat, it stays chip free for around 13-14 days

Hannah S.
Couldn't believe it

On my nails nail polish doesn't even last one day before it starts to chip even when using base coat and top coat and just top coat, nothing seems to stay on my nails....until I used this product I used it with the same base coat and top coat as normal and it stayed on for a minimum of 7 days, I am so impressed with it, I think it is to do with the consistancy of the product because it's more like a gel consistancy making it easier to work with...definitly a thumbs up from me

Ashley D.
Lasts LONG!

I put the orange one on my toes and it was there for a while. I don't do my toes often so usually whatever's on there stays there for months or until it comes off. All my toes still had polish on them after 2 months. (Not much on the little toes but probably due to growth. The big toes however, were still covered!)

Huda A.
Nice colors, stays on

It almost does what it says, but it stays for around a week, not 10 days :) I love the colors, sophisticated I think. they are ok for their price