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Beauty Product Reviews


I've tried so many masks but I ALWAYS fall back to this one when I want my skin to really clear up. It's so so worth the price (which is nothing compared to some like glamglow) Once every few weeks I'll use it all over for that extra kick, but I love to use it just on my nose for blackheads!

Best skin in YEARS

I've been using this for about two months. It has made my skin look incredible! It has cleared up almost all of my discoloration! I've gone from needing the full coverage of Studio Fix Fluid, to Face and Body foundation!!

Works, for an hour

I've had this product for months and I keep trying it, wanting to love it. But I can't. I hate the bottle. Its so hard to shake out with that spout. It does smell amazing, and it does absorb the oil and give my hair some volume. For about an hour. Then my hair looks worse then when I woke up! And the powder feels disgusting and cakey on my scalp! It can also dull my hair color pretty easily if i use more then a tiny bit.


I got this brush, hearing about the claims of it being great for foundation application. I'm not a big fan. I use less product then I would with a sponge, but its still streaky. I wish it was much fuller/denser. Also, every time I use it, I end up with black hairs on my face.


This is my one and only OPI polish. And I hate it. :/ I love the concept, and I love my other China Glaze crackles. But this one dries and cracks TOO fast. Like, in the brush fast. Leaving me with thick, clumpy coats that dont work. And I have to clean out the brush with a cotton ball every few nails!

Great for Pale skin!

Only foundation Ive ever found at a drugstore that matches my extremely pale skin. I love that its a gel feel, and not super watery because its for dry skin. Wish it had a bit more coverage, and a pump top!!


Finally! A foundation that matches my skin! I love that it feels slightly like a gel foundation instead of being super watery and sheer like most dry skin foundations. Has great coverage, staying ability, and blendability. I just wish it had a pump top to be more sanitary.

Get what you pay for...

I was NOT a fan of these. The color would hav looked great on my super fair skin. But the few times I tried to use them, are didnt blend, and streaked my foundation like crazy! They werent whipped or creamy at all and seperated after a few days.