No Drought Dry Shampoo



I literally LOVE THIS DRY SHAMPOO. I sometimes put this in my hair even when it isn't dirty just for the scent. So many people have complimented me on the scent of my hair (haha sounds creppy, I know). It makes my hair smell like lemonade. It does however take some more time to apply to my hair when it is dirty. The best part about this is how it feels in my hair. It never feels like I have product in my hair, it feels as if I just showered

I guess it's just down to your own personal opinion whether you like this product or not. I am a huge fan of everything LUSH except for this one product.

• smell

• Hard to pour out
• Cakey on scalp

Overall a bad product :(


This dry shampoo really does make my hair look like it has just been washed. It smells great, but that wonderful scent wears off very quickly. The "just washed" look; however, does not wear off quickly. I have jet black hair and this product doesn't tint my hair. My only complaint about this product is that since it is in powder form, it can get messy. And it gives my hair volume, and since my hair is already very thick, I do not want volume. Does anyone know of a dry shampoo that will give my hair a just washed look but not give my hair volume??

Saves my day

I love this stuff for when I am getting ready in the morning, notice my hair looks oily and don't have time to shower. It smells delightful and quickly soaks up all the oil, leaving my hair looking fresh and clean.

Works, for an hour

I've had this product for months and I keep trying it, wanting to love it. But I can't.
I hate the bottle. Its so hard to shake out with that spout.
It does smell amazing, and it does absorb the oil and give my hair some volume. For about an hour. Then my hair looks worse then when I woke up! And the powder feels disgusting and cakey on my scalp! It can also dull my hair color pretty easily if i use more then a tiny bit.

I have color treated hair and in order to keep my color vibrant I try to wash my hair only 2 or 3 times a week, so I wanted to invest in a dry shampoo. I love Lush products so I decided to give this a go and it didn't really make too much of a difference. It definitely helped a bit but not what I was expecting and not worth the price in my opinion. I don't know if maybe I didn't use enough, but I'm not really sure. This product just didn't wow me.

I don't like this product as much. It did absorb the oil in my hair, but it left my hair feeling too powdery. I don't know if I'm putting too much on my hair, or I just don't know how to use it right.


I bought this on a whim because I washed my hair every day and was told that it's not a good idea to do that. So I decided I would try for every other day but my hair tends to get a little oily thus I was in need of a dry shampoo. I was in Lush and spotted this out of the corner of my eye and decided the purchase couldn't hurt so I bought it. I love Lush everything and have always had really great experiences with their items but this one not so much. I applied just as the bottle directed me too and did not see any differences in my hair looking cleaner or that it even absorbed the oils. I gave this product several more chances and STILL didn't find that helped. It now sits under my cabinet gathering dust which is sad because I do love Lush products very much.

Oh my god yes!

I absolutely LOVE this dry shampoo! It doesn't leave a tint in my hair (which is very dark) and it really adds volume! I seriously couldn't live without it.

Freshening and Effective

When you're feeling a little lazy or your hair just looks a bit drab, this product is perfect for not only adding body to the hair but also leaves it completely grease free.
For someone who's hair gets greasy really quickly, like myself, I've found this product has shed countless hours all together off my morning routines as now I don't have to wash and blowdry every single morning.
The smell it citrusy and refreshing, really revitalising when used in the morning.
Only downside is that it dulls the hair more than some other dry shampoos I have used and its lid makes application really messy.
However, there is so much product in one bottle, it's sort of worth the mess!