ColorStay Foundation For Normal/Dry Skin


Connie Y.
best drugstore foundation!!

This foundation has the be the BEST drugstore foundation ever!! I've always been on a bbcream phase & i haven't tried foundation until recently. The revlon colorstay foundation has amazing coverage & it just makes you face really flawless. For reference I am a MAC NC 20 and use 150 Buff. It is a PERFECT match for my skin!! AMAZING foundation!! you won't be disappointed :)

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Breanna D.
My fav!

I love this foundation! It gives great coverage and is buildable if necessary. It doesn't feel heavy or caked on. Cons? The packaging SUCKS; I feel like I lose soo much product every time I use it. Also, it dries quickly so you have to do a section of your face at a time.

I've been wanting to try a new foundation for months now but I just can't get away from this one.

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Novinda B.
Good drugstore foundation.

This product is really great and what I love about it is the formula. It has a pretty thick consistency, which can feel a little heavy, but it really does stay on longer than most drugstore foundations. The coverage is medium-full, depending on how much you build on top of it. If you have deep and dark acne scars like me, it can only do so much because it's not a miracle product, but for the most part, the thickness will fill in tiny scars and cover the dark spots. If you want to go for a flawless face, I still recommend using concealer with this product because it won't cover everything. The wear is pretty long lasting because i use the revlon colorstay mineral powder with it, so for me it can last 6-8 hours depending on the activities i do while wearing it. What I don't like so much about this product is that it does not have many color selections and it is not super blendable, so sometimes it can look off on me depending on how much i put on. (FYI, i am in 180 sand beige). Other than that, I really like this foundation

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Kimberly A.
My Go-To Foundation

This stuff is as good as it gets for drugstore foundation, in my opinion. The have two different types of foundations to suit the needs of your skin! it stays on very nicely and covers up acne and rednedd well.

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Shannyn C.
Pretty good.

For a drugstore foundation this is pretty good. It's medium coverage & easily buildable. The lightest color (110 Ivory) is a bit dark for me. Lasts a decent time but nowhere near 16 hours. I would say closer to 4 or 5 hours then I need to powder (which I normally do NOT need to do).

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Alli Rose G.
Why is it always me?

Again, this product is loved by almost everyone, and I couldn't get it to work it's magic on me. I did, however, pick up this one instead of the Combo/oily skin one. It matched my skin tone well. I felt like the coverage was medium, but definitely not buildable. I love matte finishes, but I felt this made my skin look dull. Also, I hated the way it faded! My T-zone would have foundation spots where the product broke down. It did this after about 6 hours.

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Emanuela A.

I'm in love with this foundation! I'm in shade 110 Ivory, which is slightly pinkier than my skin, but it's not that bad. I have the normal/dry skin formula and it's amazing. 1. Applies beautifully - I do prefer to apply this with my fingers, as I find it gives me the most natural results. But I've applied this with a sponge (both a normal one and a beauty blender) and a fluffy foundation brush and it applies very easily and it blends without too much work. You do need to work in small sections, especially with a sponge or brush, because it dries fast. 2. Stays on like a dream - it is definitely a long lasting foundation. I've worn this on a day when I applied it at 4am and took it off at 11pm and it was 95% intact and looking good. It is water resistant, I've worn it with no worried on rainy days and it stayed put. 3. It offers any kind of coverage you want - it can be sheered out to give a very subtle coverage, just to even out the skin tone, and it can be applied to give full coverage, if you need it. It is buildable and I don't find it to look cakey. You might want to avoid applying too many layers on areas where you don't need them, especially if you have very dry skin. It is pretty difficult to get off your makeup brushes, though. Be aware of that. Since it is quite water resistand, you need extra measures to clean it off. I find that the sponge is easier to clean, just with plain old soap.

Adrianna G.

I've been using this foundation for about a year. My mom recommended me to switch to this foundation for my redness and dry skin and I absolutely love it!!! This foundation doesn't leave a cake face look but a very soft and smooth look :)

Susie S.
Best Makeup

I've been wearing this makeup for like 6 years now and I absolutely love it! I like to try new things and I always go back to this makeup! It doesn't make me break out, it looks great in the day and night. Great coverage, stays on all day, goes great with the revlon colorstay powder. It doesn't look cakey or oily.

Melissa M.

I use this in the 110 Ivory shade for normal/dry skin and I am finally satisfied HALLELUJAH!! For YEARS I have tried everything from Cover Girl to Maybelline to Almay to Clinique to Mac to Neutrogena and have always been disappointed time and time again. But now that I've found this product, my search is over. I love how it does not clog my pores or break me out. This has a light enough texture to let my skin breathe, all while doing an amazing job at covering my imperfections. And I'm super impressed with the staying power. Please please, Revlon I beg you to never discontinue this foundation. I'm a customer for life!