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Julio S.
A True Gem

Sonia Kashuk Claims: This airy brush provides the sheerest application for foundation, highlighting, bronzer, or blush.

When I first started playing with make up the first brush that I ever purchased was M.A.C's 187. Reality finally set in that I had spent $42.00 on a brush that I didn't know how to use properly. I was barely getting into make up. I decided to return the 187 but desperate looked online for something comparable that I could work with. I found this baby.

The Sonia Kashuk Highlighting Brush is everything that I could ask for and more. Not only does it work identically to the 187 but it is also very inexpensive. It literally cost a fraction of the price of the 187. If I had the chance to change the past, I wouldn't. I'd keep this brush. I can use it for powder, liquid, bronzer, highlighting. It's a multipurpose brush that I always reach for.

I have a few very pigmented blushes that only this brush can work with. It picks up just the right amount of product. I'm glad I picked this one up.

Pros: Inexpensive Blends Well Airbrush Look Holds Right Amount of Product

Cons: Sheds a Bit at First

Annie H.

I really like this brush, I prefer it over my coastal scent one that i had previously purchase before it. It's like my Multipurpose brush and i love it. I tried using it to apply my foundation and love how air brush it made my face looked. O.M.G it's a must have in my opinion.

Itesha M.
Great for applying blush

I like this brush okay. However, I ONLY use it for applying blush or a highlighter because the brush hairs are so sparse it can not be used for anything else. The sparseness prevents you from over applying blush so I like that about it. It is very soft and feels featherlike against my skin. But if you are looking to use this for foundation, DON'T.

Cheyenne B.

I got this brush, hearing about the claims of it being great for foundation application. I'm not a big fan. I use less product then I would with a sponge, but its still streaky. I wish it was much fuller/denser. Also, every time I use it, I end up with black hairs on my face.

Chrisi P.
Wasn't dense enough

I recently bought it and I felt like it wasn't dense enough. My reason of buying this was to try to use it for liquid foundation, although that isn't its primary purpose, and of course, that didn't work out. I tried using cream blush with it because I also wanted to get a brush that can do that, but the results were streaky. I'm going to try to find a use for this somehow, but as of now, it isn't something that I'd reccommend.

Tashina M.
This is a miss!

I bought this brush initially to apply liquid/cream foundation. That didn't work out. It's hard to get enough product on the brush to even begin applying. Beyond that it's too soft so the hairs bend and wiggle around too much to get a good even blend. So I moved on to powders. It doesn't apply blush evenly. You get a lot in one spot and you can't blend with it. Setting powder, again you get too much in one spot and it doesn't blend the product. You are supposed to use this as a highlighting brush but I doubt it would work for that. Unless you want patches of uneven highlighter.