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Beauty Product Reviews

Meh. Not A Fan

I used to use this stuff all through high school and actually just finished a can of it 2 days ago. I thought it was a great hairspray up until recently when I started branching out to new products. One thing that I really love about this hairspray is the scent, it is clean smell and the scent lasts. Now my problem with this product is how sticky it is! Once I spray this into my hair there is no running my fingers though my hair. You would think since it is so sticky that it would hold your style good and keep fly-aways at bay, but nooo. Every time I would use this I just had to wash my hair later that day because it would bother me that bad. Oh and i wouldn't use it on curls either, it makes them look strange. it may be cheap but truthfully it's just not worth the money in my eyes.

Totally In Love With These!

I received these through BzzAgent for free to try out and review. I was so glad to have these sent to me since I planned on buying them anyway. The packaging is so eye catching and stylish. The colors are fun, and the writing on the cap looks cool. I like that the cap is clear so you can see the color of the balms when browsing in the store. They roll up and down with no problems, which with most lip balms they don't like to roll back down. I love that you can choose between translucent or tinted lip balms, I use the translucent ones under lipsticks to keep my lips nice and moisturzed but be able to add whatever color I want to my lips or just wear it alone to enhance my lips. I own 3 of the tinted ones Peach, Pink Punch and Grape Vine. Peach has a little bit of tint to it but not much, it gives you that perfect nude lip and it has a little bit of shimmer to it so it catches the light and looks like you are wearing some sort of gloss. Pink Punch is the most pigmented one of the 3 that I own. Pink Punch is pretty bright and vibrant, it almost looks to me like it has a blue undertone to it. This probably has to be my favorite one, it looks like you are wearing a lipstick and a gloss but your not and it's so moisturzing which most lipsticks lack. I went out and bought Grape Vine after using the other 2 for a day because I like purple shades on me. Grape Vine is more of a deeper wine color than the full on purple I was looking for, also this one like the Peach isn't as pigmented as I was expecting since the pink one was so pigmented. All in all I really love these lip balms and plan on getting the other ones I don't own and will be using them for years to come most likely. These are more moisturzing than just about any lip balm I've tried. They scents of these lip balms are so yummy tho they have a gross taste, which is good since licking your lips drys them out. The colors are beautiful and last about as long as you would expect a lipstick to. If you haven't tried these I really recommend you do so, I have terribly dry lips and no other lip balm has done what these have for my lips, plus the price isn't too bad either.

Raspberry Lemonade Yumminess!

I have been using this since the summer and I think overall Blistex is a good company and I have never not liked anything I have tried from them. I have tried so many lip balms and chapsticks because my lips just get dry so easily and so many have failed me. Keep in mind when reading this review that everything works differently for other people, but this is how it worked for me. First off the smell and taste is exactly that of which you would think raspberry lemonade would be. This lip balm worked good on keeping my lips moisturized, but I think if your lips get as dry as mine then you would be better off getting something else. For people who don't have such a big problem with your lips always being dry then this would be perfect for you. It has SPF in it too so it's great days when you're going to be outside. Only put on a thin layer tho or it will leave a film where your lips meet. Overall it's an average lip balm.

I Dig It!

I got the white crackle when it first came out, I only wanted to get on at first to see how good it worked. I have to say I like the crackle effect on the Sally Hansen one better than China Glaze or OPI. You have to put the right amount on for it to crackle right tho, the first time I tried it it didn't come out that well. But the next few times I did my nails with it they came out looking beautiful. The one downside about this crackle polish is that after about 4 times using it it has gotten a little gloopy, but it still works fine. I always get compliments every time i do my nails with this polish, I live in a small town and people don't see stuff like this everyday so when they do they are very interested. Overall I think it's a great product and I plan on buying the other colors.

Far From The Best

I used to think these were the best make-up remover wipes until I started trying ones from other brands. I then realized that these are not very good at all. They do an alright job at taking off my face make-up, but my eye make-up I have to go over quiet a few times. They smell fantastic and are gentle enough that they don't sting when used around the eyes. I don't like that they leave a sticky film on your face tho. If you don't rinse the film off your face chances are it will probably break you out like it did me. This bothers me because the whole point of these for me is that I use them when I'm to lazy to go wash my face, but if I have to go rinse my face after using these it just defeats the purpose. Overall I wouldn't recommend these if you are acne prone like me.

Pixie Love!

Sadly as of now I only own Pixie, but based on how much I love this one I can imagine the other ones are wonderful as well. Pixie is a classic shimmery champagne color. It has the right amount of creaminess to it, glides on very smoothly with no tugging at the eye. For me, there has been no creasing, I always use a primer then apply this thinly over the primer and lastly set it with enough powder shadow so as it won't crease. I love adding a little pop of this in the inner corner and adding a little bit of shimmery shadow over it. I find that this creme shadow blend out like a dream and doesn't lose its pigmentation when blended, like I find other do. The price point and quality makes this product a total winner in my book.

I only own one of these eye shadow singles and that shade is Melt-Down Mauve, so my opinion is solely based on this shade and not the whole line. Melt-Down Mauve is a beautiful cranberry color with pink shimmer. The color goes on a little sheer but can be built up to be bolder and darker. This is a shade that I wouldn't use on my lid, but it makes for a beautiful crease shade for a daytime look. I love to put a yellow shadow on my lid and put this shade in the crease, makes for a great eye look! I have noticed that this eyeshadow does get chalky when I dip my brush in it, but I don't get any fallout with it. These eyeshadows are totally affordable, plus the Sunday paper usually has CoverGirl coupons in it for an even better deal.

Dance Party

When I seen Dance Party in the store I thought, wow these colors are beautiful I gotta have them. Unfortunately, when I got home and used them they were not true to color, even with a primer. The swatches on my hand come out true to color, but sadly not on my eye. I must say I actually really love the light color in this trio, it's very pigmented and true to color. This color works great for all over the lid and a highlight, this is a very light pink with some shimmer and it just looks beautiful on. Now the middle color is a dusty brightish purple color with big chunky gold glitter through it. Now this color could be used in the crease for a pop of color, but you will need primer to actually be able to see it at all. The darkest color is surprisingly the least pigmented, barely any color is seen even in the swatches done on my hand. With a primer the darkest color in the crease works ok, it adds a little bit of darkness there to give your eye some depth, but you really gotta work with it. Overall, I would recommend it just for the lightest color because it's just to die for, But the other two colors really are useless.

First brush!

This was the first brush I ever bought and have had it for 3 years, it's still in great condition and I use it everyday. The ferrule fell apart a few months ago but I just super glued it and it's back to normal. The handle is a nice glossy black, I think it's plastic not sure tho, but it doesn't feel cheap. The brush is comfortable in my hand and I have great control over it. The bristles on this brush are so soft and are tapered into a dome shape, also there has been very little shedding in the 3 years I have had this brush. This is a great brush for all eye shapes, I have a small eyelid area and this brush comes to a pretty small point at the top so it can really concentrate in a small space, but it also can cover a bigger area easily also. Now what I mainly use this for is adding color to crease and as a blending brush, since I don't have a proper blending brush, and it does the job perfectly. I have to say tho it can be used to do your whole eye look and this is what I used to have to do before I got my other brushes.

Would I recommend this? Yes, this has been my go to brush for years and it has never let me down, plus it's a good price point ($2.99) too. You won't be let down if you buy this brush.


I say this is average because I do use it when I run out of my other powders, but normally i would not reach for this product and wouldn't purchase it again. First off the smell just really makes me sick, it's so strong and just strange smelling. It sets the make-up fine and makes your foundation stay in place for about 4 maybe 5 hours. But it gets cakey very easily and if you have dry skin like me, it will cling to every dry spot on your face and make it look worse. If you have oily skin, this powder may work great for you, but still be aware that it cakes easily. I would not say this is translucent like it claims, I would say it would only work for light skin. Another thing, I noticed that the product balls up in the package, and no I don't store this in my bathroom. The packaging is not good at all, the plastic on this is very cheap and breaks easily so be careful not to drop this. Overall, there are better drugstore powders out there and some are even cheaper than this powder.

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