Anti-Humidity Hairspray


Ariana G.
Perfect for Color Guard Competitions

This hairspray will last even through ROTC Color Guard competitions or a whole day at school! It makes hair SO shiny and smells great! And I notice whenever I use it and wash it out at night my hair feels softer.

Melissa W.

ah, so this hairspray. I love it. I use the volumizing one and I do it at the scalpe near my part just a couple spritts an a little wiggle with my fingers an ah!! so soft an a noticable difference. love :) I don't even like garnier products but this, this is a winner. I bought it because it said anti humidity an my hair ugh in the heat :/.. it's a mess. but so far, this holds good.

Karla G.
its okay ...

i love how this hairspray lasts all day whenever i curl my hair ! but what i dont like is that in the back of my hair it always gets stuck together and kinda gets crunchy .

Meg F.
Good Stuff

This is the only hairspray at a fair price that I've actually repurchased ever since it came out on the market. It holds my style without making my hair stiff or sticky. There's no flaking or weird smell either. The smell is light - lighter than most other hairsprays.

Alexa M.

Bought this on sale at CVS. I use it to hold a teased bun and when I curl my hair. Pros: Holds hairstyle without that sticky, hard, crunchy feeling No strong smell Doesn't leave hair greasy/oily Long-lasting Cons: Nothing really

Kally B.
Brilliant !

I used this when i went to Florida for a modeling comp and it was the best hairspray i have ever smelling wonderful adds to its perfection . I just love it. It holds my hair really well and lasts for hours ! (:

Julianne J.
Alright Hairspray

I have the same hairspray, although mine has a clear plastic cap and spray pump, unlike the picture. After I use my Pantene Pro-V Fine Hairstyle Mousse I like to top it off with the Garnier Fructis Style Full Control Anti-Humidity Hairspray. I feel like the mousse does a so-so job of keeping my hair in the shape I want it, and the hairspray is also so-so. I'm not sure it holds my style very long and it sorta fades away I feel like in a couple of hours. On the flip side, I like that its not super crunchy and is more natural feeling. Its not in an aerosol can which is a plus, the sent is great (I love nearly all of Garnier's scents) and the scent doesn't clash with that of the mousse I use with it. The last time I used more hair product was in middle school when I grew my hair out til it was more curly, then squeezed gobs of blue gel into it, scrunched the crap out of it, then sprayed, sprayed, sprayed with hair spray. (I also alternated that with stick-thin straightened hair!) I liked the crispy, scrunched curls look, THEN! I haven't styled my hair with many products since, so I'm a bit of a hair noob, and I feel like I'm not using this spray to its max potential. But any more discoveries made will probably edited back into this review. That being said, this hair spray makes for a nice MU setting spray in a pinch!

EDIT* I like this spray better now that I know to use more! :P

Sarah M.
Affordable, longlasting hairspray!

I really do like this hairspray. I use it quite a bit, it gives a great hold and a shine without making your hair look greasy. Great for holding in curls etc.

Melissa B.
Meh. Not A Fan

I used to use this stuff all through high school and actually just finished a can of it 2 days ago. I thought it was a great hairspray up until recently when I started branching out to new products. One thing that I really love about this hairspray is the scent, it is clean smell and the scent lasts. Now my problem with this product is how sticky it is! Once I spray this into my hair there is no running my fingers though my hair. You would think since it is so sticky that it would hold your style good and keep fly-aways at bay, but nooo. Every time I would use this I just had to wash my hair later that day because it would bother me that bad. Oh and i wouldn't use it on curls either, it makes them look strange. it may be cheap but truthfully it's just not worth the money in my eyes.

Maria Y.

I really love this spray for more easy and random hair styles, it work great with my hair and brings out my curles. I love the fact that it does not make my hair look stift, and rather make it look more random.