Detoxifying Wet Cleansing Towelettes

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Erica F.
Love this product

This doesn't sting or smell. I can practically clean my eyeballs with it and it never hurts. It also doesn't leave a gross film on your face afterwards. It does a TINY bit but not much. I usually will just rinse my face with a little bit of water and its gone. My face feels fresh and my make up (which is usually highly pigmented) comes off super easy. I can never go back to what I used before.

Anna D.
The best thing that's ever happened to me ^^

This is my holy grail item. I love these wipes! I have tried so many wipes, but none have I liked as much as these. They remove EVERYTHING. No make up is left behind. They feel so nice and cool when you use them and I don't know if it's true or not, but they've helped me keep my acne in bay. When I used different wipes, the chemicals in the wipes made me break out, but these did no such thing and have helped me fend off acne

Elizabeth B.
the only remover wipes i use

i love these wipes they take off ever spec of makeup i dont care how long wearing or waterproof its suposed to be these are amazing and i have tried many many reomver and these are all i use

Angela V.

This is a pretty good product. It does clean makeup off my face very well.. But it kinda makes my face feel sticky, not really sticky but you can tell there is a film that is left behind... This is what I go to when i have nothing else

Melissa B.
Far From The Best

I used to think these were the best make-up remover wipes until I started trying ones from other brands. I then realized that these are not very good at all. They do an alright job at taking off my face make-up, but my eye make-up I have to go over quiet a few times. They smell fantastic and are gentle enough that they don't sting when used around the eyes. I don't like that they leave a sticky film on your face tho. If you don't rinse the film off your face chances are it will probably break you out like it did me. This bothers me because the whole point of these for me is that I use them when I'm to lazy to go wash my face, but if I have to go rinse my face after using these it just defeats the purpose. Overall I wouldn't recommend these if you are acne prone like me.