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Best, blackest, most amazing liquid liner ever

it's the blackest, most smudge proof, water resistant liner i've come across. i used to use the make up for ever aqua liner in black, which was their waterproof liquid liner, and it worked wonders for me. this one is blacker and matter, and also slightly more resistant to water/smudging.

it is a very liquidy/wet product so you need a little bit more time to dry. the mufe one dried pretty quickly which was great.

the brush on this one is very very thin and easy to use. it's like a very thin possibly rubber applicator. it's not felt tip, or a brush though.

it's a truly amazing, holy grail item for me now.

This is the best gel liner I've ever used. It doesn't dry out as quickly as the Mac, Buxom, L'Oreal and Maybelline liners. The one I have which is Black Ink, just a black although they don't have it in the swatch menu above, is super black and goes on that way, you don't have to use a lot of product. It stays on all day, doesn't smudge and is also easy to remove.

It has a weird smell.

That's the one outstanding thing about this mascara. It smells. It has the same scent as the Maybelline Stilletos mascara which is this weird, chemically sharp smell to it. If that doesn't offend you, which it really doesn't bother me that much, then it's a pretty average mascara. It lengthens and thickens but isn't spectacular in either of those categories. Telescopic is a better lengthener, so most of the time I'll layer this one over telescopic.

I've found that I like to use this over foundation and under setting powder. I love my highlighters but when it sits on top of everything it's just too shiny, especially because I have oily skin. If it's under a powder, the powder diffuses it a bit and makes it just look glowy. A little goes a long way with this as well. Just a dot on both sides of my face is enough for me to just blend out over my cheekbones.

I'm still on the search for the holy grail primer, but so far this is my favorite. I've gone through about 3 of these. Sometimes I do feel like it really doesn't make the biggest difference, but if I ever go a day without it I notice that my skin is oilier and my makeup doesn't stay on as well, especially around my t-zone. Only a pea-sized amount is needed. If you use too much then it doesn't help at all, which is the same with all primers. I also noticed that without using a primer, foundation (I only use liquid foundation) doesn't go on as smoothly and can get patchy and I have to blend a lot more than when I don't use this. I like that there is an oil-free option with the Laura Mercier primers. Some brands do not have that option.

great drugstore alternative, dries out pretty fast though

love the color, the product works really well, doesn't smudge and is pigmented. it dries out pretty quickly though. my bobbi brown liner i bought at the same time, hasn't dried out at all and is still easy to use. my maybelline liner has turned more into a paste instead of that super smooth gel liner feel. the brush it comes with is useless as a liner brush. i used it as a lip brush for my occ lip tars though, as well as a super small spot concealer brush.

good colors but... i never use it. ever

i'm not too heartbroken with the fact that i never use it because it was cheap. the colors are pigmented, and really, i don't have a lot of matte brights, like the ones that come in this palette. i don't think it should be as hyped as it is on youtube though. really, if you're going to do a colorful look, there are much better quality products that you can get, and will wear better during the day. even though make up for ever is really expensive, their shadows are much better quality and don't fallout, don't fade and you can buy each color individually. even some of the mac colors are better in terms of pigmentation and such. it's a great palette for starters and for those who don't need to wear brights a lot, but with inglot introducing an online store, i think it's better to pay for less, but higher quality eye shadows. also if you're truly a beginner, then you're probably not going to want all those colors because they're not wearable. instead i'd recommend the 88 warm palette, which is an entirely neutral palette. i've found that some of my shadows have crumbled quite easily, and i have yet to travel with it. i do reach for it when i do the occasional tutorial that calls for a bright orange, yellow or a matte green or blue.

i actually found that the colors i use most are the mattes in the palette. they're smooth and pigmented and soft, not chalky at all! some of the other shades leave a little bit of fall out, like sidecar and sin. i find that i don't use the outer 3 colors at all (the darkest ones) because they're really not colors that i would use (just as my preference) when creating a neutral eye look. if they had substituted them with some more mattes (a really light shade, a darker brown, and a black perhaps) that would have been ideal for me. overall it's a great palette though. all the colors are really wearable and there's something for every skin tone. there really isn't an overwhelmingly bad shadow in it, in terms of formula and wear.

not completely matte, but very beautiful foundation

first things first, this foundation doesn't set completely matte, like MUFE Mat Velvet + does. That being said, if you have an oily skin, this provides a nice luminous finish without being shiny, so don't be afraid! I guess luminous isnt the best description, natural glow is more like it. It does keep oiliness under control, just doesn't dry completely matte. I love that it also comes with SPF.

Favorite light pink EVER

I normally don't reach for baby pinks, but this one is the one I always use, and recommend to people. It's a sheer pink so a few coats are going to be needed but Essie polishes don't seem to get difficult to use after 3 or 4 coats. If you want fewer coats I suggest using a ridge filler as a base coat because they always seem to have a slightly milky white base to them. Ballet Slippers is a creme. It'd make a great bridal color.

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