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face care staple

i started using these when they were still those round little pads in the plastic jars. i actually prefer them that size. using one daily kept my face blemish free w/o drying out my skin. loved it. the new one work fine, but the wipes are so large for me. i cut them into fours or sixes and store them in my old container :) so i don't waste any & one pack lasts me a looong time. i have normal skin. no major acne problems, just the occasional blemish caused by stress. but during the summer, the heat & humidity tends to mess with my face. these wipes are perfect for keeping everything in check.

not an effective primer

i wanted to try this out b/c it's more natural than other primers i've seen. i have normal skin (not dry, not oily), but i find that applying this under makeup does not improve anything about the wear. if anything, it makes my face oily. it feels nice on the skin, but it does not work well for me. also, it does NOT irritate my skin or break it out. i just find my make up lasts longer w/o it. might be worth checking out if you have really dry skin & only wear powder/mineral foundation

great for waterline

i'm not too fond of automatic liners, but i love the ulta brand ones. they're really long-lasting & smudge-resistant. while they may not provide a precise 'winged' look, they're perfect for tight-lining/lining your waterline. & like all ulta brand stuff, they have great sales all the time. i just stocked up on a bunch b/c they're now being sold at $1 a piece, when they're usually $8. hope you ladies can get in on this deal b4 it ends!

surpisingly good liner

i started buying this liner a few years ago & still love it. soft application (doesn't "glide" but it doesn't tug at your lids) & it doesn't smudge as much as other 'mass' liners i've tried. the best thing about the ulta brand is that they often have 'ulta bar' specials. you can purchase their liners for $1-$2 when they're usually $8-$12.

compare to eyeko liners

i used to buy eyeko eyeliner (similar felt-tip/marker design) & i LOVED it. perfect size & color. well, they completely "re-did" all of their products including the liners & they came out thinner & more expensive. i bought this to see if i could find a dupe. i'd say it's just as opaque & lasts longer, but the great thing is that there's a mixing ball in the pen that helps continue the flow of product to the tip (the eyeko one dried too easily) i'd say the only downside is the size of the tip. it's too thin for me so it takes longer to build my lines to the thickness i want, but on the other hand, it allows for precise wings. they offer a larger tipped liner, but it's huge. i wish there was one in between.

first pricey mascara

i usually stick to mascaras that are b/w $8-$15. i used to think pricey mascaras were not worth it, but i received this as gratis at work & was pleasantly surprised. it gives a very natural/wispy look to my lashes. doesn't clump. doesn't do much with volume, but you can definitely build it without that 'spidery' look. the formula is really light & dries almost instantly so when i do my bottom lashes, the top ones don't transfer mascara to my lids. also, the shape of the brush helps me get to those pesky corner lashes. it's something i would definitely consider repurchasing.

one of the few mascaras i repurchase

definitely lengthens & adds a bit of volume to your lashes. it doesn't clump until it gets old (but don't most mascaras do that?) it's really black & build-able, but i wouldn't go more than 3 coats or you'd end up with spider lashes. even though it gives dramatic lashes, you can still wear it alone (w/o eyeliner and shadow) & not look fake. good for natural days. i didn't even read the box, but when i noticed my lashes getting longer, i talked to my friend who also uses this mascara, and she said it had a growth formula in it. (fyi, she has crystal blue eyes & it didn't discolor her irises like other lash growth products). pretty nifty. keep an eye out for the packages that come with a free black rimmel eye liner!!! i've found this product at most drug stores and ulta :)


i'm in love with this scent. it's a dainty floral scent, but sophisticated. my body chemistry doesn't really mix well with fruity scents (they end up smelling like alcoholic drinks on my skin), but the amount of 'fruitiness' in this fragrance is barely enough to cause that problem. it's predominantly a floral scent. also, the 'youthful' vibe i get from this scent isn't one that reminds me those fruity/teen scents... i definitely see this fragrance as being geared towards the 20s-early 30s crowd. late teens can pull it off though (^,^)

as long as you take a few precautions, this product is great.

This product definitely zaps those minor blemishes and stops budding ones in their tracks. It works to prevent and conquer those little sweat bumps you get when you work out a lot or if you walk in hot/humid weather (not pimples, but they add unwanted texture to your face) However, I wouldn't recommend using it for 'deeper' pimples/zits. I find that when I use it repeatedly in one spot (more than 3 days in a row) it discolors my skin. So even if the blemish is gone, there's a "shadow" of it left on my face for a couple weeks until it peels or is exfoliated off. It's not too bad, it just makes it look like you have a large freckle. Other than that, it's great. I definitely suggest you put moisturizer or sunscreen on after applying this product though b/c I think it makes your skin sensitive to sun damage right after you apply it.

will always repurchase

this balm is the best. it's not sticky, glides on SO smooth, lasts a while, and moisturizes my lips really well. it's around $3. honestly, it's like a drink of water for your lips.

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