Johnson & Johnson

Advantage Acne Spot Treatment


Linda C.
Works like a charm!

Currently I am totally in love with this product! Recently i have been breaking out a lot all of a sudden due to the weather change, stress, and eating chips,....So i went to my local drug store (CVS) and saw this product and thought I would give it a try. So now for the pass 3 days I have been using it and OH MY GOD! The swelling had gone down a lot and the pimple did decrease a lot! Currently the pimple has not completely healed but with all and any kind of product, it wont heal right away it will take some time to heal.

PROS: Oil-free, Inexpensive, quickly reduce the size and redness of pimples, does not dry skin, easy to use CONS: Can't find anything bad about this product

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Diana Q.

This works well for minor breakouts. A small bump would be shrunk down to basically nothing the next morning but when dealing with a sore pimple or white head, it does virtually nothing. I suggest the Neutrogena sore pimple gel or the regular rapid gel that they have.

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Arielle R.

My mother and I love this product. It zaps zits right as you put it on. I can get rid of a pimple in a day because after one use it diminishes the size and then once before bed and it is completely gone. I have run out currently but I will be racing to the store to buy more soon :D

LaTavia G.
Works like a charm!

Great product, but can be drying and cause the skin to which the spot treatment was applied to peel, so u must moisturize with the lines skin moisturizer.... Tip: apply with a cotton swab to avoid over use and direct spot treatment and you wont have the drying and peeling issue to the healthy skin area around the blemish :)

Angela V.

This stuff works great.. I have a problem area and a little dab go to sleep and it takes action.. It dries out my pimples and makes them go away sooner than they got there.. Now I'm not going to say the next day BAM there gone.. It still takes a few days but it sure helps shrink them and make them start to go away..

Tianna D.
Dries up the pimple without drying out your skin

I have been using this for years and wont use anything else! It helps dry out and decrease the size of my pimples without drying out my skin and getting dry patches.

Jasmine C.

I swear by this product! It works wonders ... i usually put it on right before bed and when i wake up its almost completely gone. I told my boyfriend at the time about it and now he uses it all the time. Its great!!

Kaitlin W.

This works so well! The salicylic acid really helps bring down the pimple(s) the only reason that I give it 4 stars is that salicylic acid kinda makes your skin's own UV protectant go down so you definitely have to wear sunscreen.

Xuan N.
as long as you take a few precautions, this product is great.

This product definitely zaps those minor blemishes and stops budding ones in their tracks. It works to prevent and conquer those little sweat bumps you get when you work out a lot or if you walk in hot/humid weather (not pimples, but they add unwanted texture to your face) However, I wouldn't recommend using it for 'deeper' pimples/zits. I find that when I use it repeatedly in one spot (more than 3 days in a row) it discolors my skin. So even if the blemish is gone, there's a "shadow" of it left on my face for a couple weeks until it peels or is exfoliated off. It's not too bad, it just makes it look like you have a large freckle. Other than that, it's great. I definitely suggest you put moisturizer or sunscreen on after applying this product though b/c I think it makes your skin sensitive to sun damage right after you apply it.

Janie L.
Pretty good

This product worked pretty good... but nothing major. If I had a pimple or two on my face it would reduce the redness and shrink it a little. I wouldn't recommend this if you suffer from severe acne because I think it is intended for minor breakouts and blemishes.