Tresor In Love


Bengisu S.
Lovely and sexy!

This scent is suitable for both day and night, every season and every day of the year. It's feminine and sexy but at the same time very youthful. My favorite perfume of all times!

Ncy L.

Itss a Feminine yet sexy smell.chic! For those who loves not that strong too much-too much perfumey smells, its a winner. Fruity smells make you happy!mixed with flowery touch in it gives a sexy smells, yet it lasts a whole day.spray a little on your hair and back of your neck,whenever the wind blows your hair,the smell lingers smoothly!love it!

Stéphanie B.

My mom actually got this with a cream and it's just as amazing! they smell so incredibly good! I can't descibe the smell... it smells kind of sweet and a little like flowers I don't know how to explain but IT SMELLS SO GOOD! I definitely recommend it it stays on all day long.

Xuan N.

i'm in love with this scent. it's a dainty floral scent, but sophisticated. my body chemistry doesn't really mix well with fruity scents (they end up smelling like alcoholic drinks on my skin), but the amount of 'fruitiness' in this fragrance is barely enough to cause that problem. it's predominantly a floral scent. also, the 'youthful' vibe i get from this scent isn't one that reminds me those fruity/teen scents... i definitely see this fragrance as being geared towards the 20s-early 30s crowd. late teens can pull it off though (^,^)

Emily W.

this is one of my favoritres! it smells so fruity and delicious! it lasts a pretty long time! its pretty strong, so all youll need is one sprits and you are goood(:

Kassandra Z.

I love this ! the scent is perfect for both day and night ! I would totally reccomend this for anyone who's looking for a new scent ! It's fruity and not at all strong and can last all day or night, and trust me you will get a lot of compliments !