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Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara

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Norel P.

I bought 3 of this mascara since the price is really good, but it really helps to give your lashes a good cover, I like the brush shape because it helps to separate my rebel ones lol and yes, it make them stronger, I didn't see any one falling. I used for over a year and maybe I'll but it again but I recomend it if you're looking for an affordable product.

Caroline Z.

It did gave my lashes length but this mascara weights my lashes down, even after I curled my lashes, don't like it that much. I do like the thin rubber brush though

Amanda B.
I love everything about this mascara

I love the wand and the separation I get on my lashes. They make my lashes look so much longer!! When I want to leave the house and don't want to apply much makeup this is my go-to mascara. If I had to recommend a mascara that is priced on the lower end, this would be the one that I would recommend.

Juana R.
Simply mazing

This is an amazing mascara! It hasn´t got very big but really good brush. It has useful shape, which hepls you to separate your eye lashes. It makes them look very nice and they don´t stick together. What I like most about this mascara is the fact, that you can use it simply without very much eye makeup and your eyes will still "pop". And about growing formula - I think it really works but don´t expect enormous difference and remember, that it needs some time to work. I´d recommend it to you ladies!

Chrisi P.
Did not work for me

I love the wand shape, and it did give me some length. However, it eventually got clumpy and became a mess for me. The smell was horrible and left me flakes on my face upon removing. I did not see much of a difference in terms of length for my lashes. I gave this a chance so many times and every time I was let down.

Sana A.

I use the volume accelerator over a coat of lengthening mascara, once it has dried.. I get long fake looking lashes because of it ...I find it works better over other mascaras versus on its own ...but my lashes are thinner so it may work better on thicker lashes on its own ...but if u try it on other "Lengthening " mascaras after they have dried on your lashes, wiggle it over gently as a top coat ...u will notice results..I have recommended this to friends and no complaints on this one for now ! Dont over do it just need one coat of this over previous coats ..TRY IT OUT ! As with any mascara do remember to always wipe the tip of the applicator to rid of excess mascara ..this quick add on: saves mascara, helps you to avoid messes into the general eye area, & most of all helps in avoiding clumping/ to much formula gunking up your beautiful natural lashes with unnecessary product !!

Monah S.
Does what it says

I love this mascara! I had been searching for a good mascara that will really bring out my lashes. When I applied it went on very smoothly and did make my lashes look way longer. I had never had a mascara do that right away. Each time I use it I feel so beautiful and want to bat my eyelashes to everyone. The growth formula really works and I have noticed a big difference. It looks great with full makeup or just by itself. I usually just wear this and sunscreen on my off days. Great product, I had not been much of Rimmel fan but this mascara is great. Rimmel is very inexpensive here but for some reason very expensive in the UK. Not sure if its still like that, it is a British brand so I was surprised.

Jessica H.
best drugstore mascara

I feel like I am always on the hunt for the perfect mascara, and I feel the more gimicky products that are being produced, the more I need to try. But this one by far, is the best DS one I have. I have repurchased this twice, and while I can't actually say that it has helped my lashes grow, I really do like the formula, and the brush. It lenthens and volumizes, and it doesn't clump up on me. It gives me noticebly different looking lashes, while looking natural

Lani W.
Its better than some, but...

It can beat out some mascaras. But not the best ever. Got it after reviewing drugstore mascaras that people liked. Its ok, but can clump, which gets worse with time. I prob will not be getting again. I liked neutrogena better.

Xuan N.
one of the few mascaras i repurchase

definitely lengthens & adds a bit of volume to your lashes. it doesn't clump until it gets old (but don't most mascaras do that?) it's really black & build-able, but i wouldn't go more than 3 coats or you'd end up with spider lashes. even though it gives dramatic lashes, you can still wear it alone (w/o eyeliner and shadow) & not look fake. good for natural days. i didn't even read the box, but when i noticed my lashes getting longer, i talked to my friend who also uses this mascara, and she said it had a growth formula in it. (fyi, she has crystal blue eyes & it didn't discolor her irises like other lash growth products). pretty nifty. keep an eye out for the packages that come with a free black rimmel eye liner!!! i've found this product at most drug stores and ulta :)