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Blemish Clearing Facial Towelettes

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Mercedes D.
The best facial towelette

This is definitely the best facial towelette. My skin is and feels clean with out the irritation of most facial towelettes, and effectively removes make-up, oil and grime so you don't break out. A must-have for those of us who are too lazy to wash our faces before bed sometimes or need a little convenience in inconvenient situations.

Katarena F.

idk, my skin is so sensitive it made my face blotchy and red. it also made my face feel like there was a layer of grime on it. I had high hopes for this but it just didn't work for me.

Carly M.
Good, definitely even skin tone and left a clean feeling

This has taken away the small tiny pimples that are a tad bit stubborn and kept my skin gleaming and mainting a healthy glow and tone, seeing as I have fairly normal unblemished skin. However, the new larger size of the wipes are a bit to large for my liking and I'd prefer them in a smaller more contained size. In the winter though my skin tend to breakout if i pack on the moisturizer and these help to keep my face blemish free!

Xuan N.
face care staple

i started using these when they were still those round little pads in the plastic jars. i actually prefer them that size. using one daily kept my face blemish free w/o drying out my skin. loved it. the new one work fine, but the wipes are so large for me. i cut them into fours or sixes and store them in my old container :) so i don't waste any & one pack lasts me a looong time. i have normal skin. no major acne problems, just the occasional blemish caused by stress. but during the summer, the heat & humidity tends to mess with my face. these wipes are perfect for keeping everything in check.

Laura D.
Recommended :)

I have purchased this at Target. The 25 wipes. I have been using for about a week. It do really helps but we all do know taking away acne takes time. A hint that made me believe that it truly works well is that I saw some bubbles on the wipes the ingredient/chemicals! It has taken some blemishes away from time to time. It doesn't really make you stink. I recommend this product. Soon I will actually get the set.

Michelle N.
Great Product

Although this brand is becoming well known, the Tomato kind isn't that known. Most people use the cucumber one(I prefer the tomato one over the cucumber). The tomato one helps get rid of any blemishes you have whether it would be pimples or redness. In addition, it also gets rid of blackheads and other dirt (makeup as well).

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Yana K.

Not a lot of people use this one, they use the cucumber one (I think they don't know about it as much). I use both but I prefer the tomato one. The salicylic acid helps get rid of the redness pimples or the ones that are forming (over time) and my skin around my nose and the middle have my eyebrows are no longer oily. I have a lot of black heads on my nose and they've become a good deal smaller than they were before I started using these wipes. They also remove makeup as well.

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