Beauty Product Reviews

I am very skeptical about mascara that costs over $15. I liked the formula but I didn't find it worked any better than drugstore mascara. My lashes are already quite long and I didn't see to much of a difference in length. Overall it was nice to try but I will save my money by just buying my trusted drug store brands.

I am in love with this highlighter. It gives a nice dewy finish with a slight sheen that isn't too over powering. I get so many compliments saying my skin looks brighter and fresh with it. Just remember to blend it in well or you will have a line.

I have used both this and elf's primer. I personally really like this formula. It covers my lids nicely and allows my shadow to stay on for a longer period of time. It is a bit pricey but it is a good buy.

I got this as a gift apart of a set with a few lip balms as well and I have been using it for a bit now. I tend to get really bad hang-nails and my cuticles are always a mess in the winter so I decided to give it a go. It reminds me a lot of the hand salve which works wonders, and I find that it does help my cuticles. It's by no means a miracle cream but it has been working for me.

not only does this cleanser smell amazing it also works! My skin is never dry and I have noticed a decrease in the amounts of breakouts I suffer with. I am finding that a lot of burt's bees products are working excellently for me. If you buy it at Wal-Mart it isn't too expensive. It's about $14 (Canadian) but it definitely is worth every penny.

I usually have a hard time with foundation since it will often break me out, however this did not do that. The coverage was about medium and it left a nice finish to my skin. I definitely recommend this product to those who have trouble with foundations breaking them out.

I really do love this polish. It has many colour selections as well as a durability that will last me for a while but, it takes many coats to get the colour I want. I am in love with ballet slippers and usually I can get away with two or three but it still has some sheer to it, since it almost looks like I have a french on under, which looks pretty and all but it's a pain if you want something opaque.

I wore Runway Pink today and it made my lips softer. I have naturally really red lips and it made them less red and more pink which was perfect for the look I wanted. It doesn't last a very long time but I found if I primed my lips before It helped the colour stay on longer. Again for the price you pay it is worth it

I have combination skin and this works wonderfully. I used it after washing my face and it left my skin incredibly soft and my make-up didn't budge. I found that it was an amazing buy, especially for the price it is.