Minerals Mineral Lipstick


Claudia C.
soft matte baby pink
Photo of product included with review by Claudia C.

I love this! I know some people said it wasn't what they expected from the site's image, but I googled it first and it was exactly what I was looking for. I use UD lip primer underneath it, and it dries perfectly matte on me. Not a very good 'nude' for my skin tone, but a nice (pale) baby pink.

Isabelina B.
moisturizing and looks great.

i love this! it feel almost like a lip balm on my lips. it's my go-to nude lip shade. however, i like to apply it with a lip brush because straight from the tube, it really accentuates the lines on my lips

Kelsey I.

I wore Runway Pink today and it made my lips softer. I have naturally really red lips and it made them less red and more pink which was perfect for the look I wanted. It doesn't last a very long time but I found if I primed my lips before It helped the colour stay on longer. Again for the price you pay it is worth it

Paulihna S.
i bought this in RUNWAY PINK & loveee it

these lipstick are really natural (in make) and i love how they feel against my lips! the shipping does get annoying though, in terms of time and price lol. but in general the quality of the lipstick is GREAT but with online shopping you never know what color your ordering so I am hesitant to purchase this in another color.

Kelsey F.
Didn't Quite Get What I Was Expecting...

The lipstick itself is of pretty good quality. I would prefer a little longer wear, but the formula is nice and creamy and the pigmentation is great. My issue is that the picture on the website was nothing like the shade I actually got. Which sucks, because I LOVED the shade shown in the picture, and what I got was pretty much the exact shade as one of my NYX lipsticks. Overall, I'll definitely buy more of these...I'll just be sure to do it at Target and NOT online.

Cassy J.
I like this a lot.

I got this color because I love nude pink colors. And this color looked a little bit brighter on the site which I was kind of worried about. But, when I got it, it was very pale and pretty. You would be disappointed if you were hoping for the brighter color. But I like the color I got. It is very moisturizing as well.