Burt's Bees

Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream


Arielle Z.
Natural, affordable, and works wonders!

Hands down, the best cleanser I've ever used! I have dry skin, especially in winter, and this cleanser has become my soulmate. It cleans my skin deeply, clears up the forehead zits I get from having bangs, and leaves my skin luxuriously smooth (especially if I apply Yes to Carrots moisturizer afterwards). I love how it smells like lemons and gives you a tingly sensation to let you know that the ingredients are doing their job. Finally, it's super affordable. For a cleanser that works like magic AND has natural, organic ingredients, 8 dollars a tube is a steal!

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Laura J.
Love this product!

-Cleans my face amazingly -Smells great -Makes my face smooth -Gave me clear skin -Recieve multiple compliments -Not too pricey -Buy it a Walgreens for the best price -Smells citrus - like -Like a body butter for your face

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Sheyz S.

I have never been wow'ed by a cleanser... Well up till I tried this one. All the cleansers I had previously used never made me feel like they were doing much to my skin other than removing dirt. This one however seems to work wonders on my skin. It is so gentle, yet really cleans your face and brightens it! It is incredibly refreshing and I don't ever want to use any other.

LBD Girl s.
I swear by this

I have struggled with my skin for a long time and once I started using this product I have found my skin clear and soft. I do have normal to dry skin and I find this cleanser really cleans my skin while not drying it out.

Sara M.
Just Try It!!

This Cleanser Is A God Send. I Never Could Find A Cleanser That Didn't Break Me Out Until I Found This One. I Originally Tried It Because It Was All Natural And I'm A Sucker For That And I Needed Something That Wouldn't Dry Out My Already Dry Skin Or Have To Much Oil Which I Figured What Was Giving Me My Bumps Here And There. Basically I Use This Everytime I Shower And Before Bed. I Love The Fact That My Face Is SO Clean and Refreshed That It Feels Like Its Breathing For The First Time.. It's Such A Wonderful Product It's Taking Place Of My Toner And Wash I Love IT!!

Sarah K.
Love it!

I was surprised at how much I loved this. I always passed Burt's Bees and never really took a second glance at their face products but after using this, I wanna go buy everything they have to offer. It smells like lemon pie, it's creamy and gentle. It also gives you this really cool feeling afterwards like you just stuck your face in a bucket of ice. It's so refreshing. I recommend this to everyone.

Kelsey I.

not only does this cleanser smell amazing it also works! My skin is never dry and I have noticed a decrease in the amounts of breakouts I suffer with. I am finding that a lot of burt's bees products are working excellently for me. If you buy it at Wal-Mart it isn't too expensive. It's about $14 (Canadian) but it definitely is worth every penny.

Jessica B.
Love Burt's Bees!

I absolutely love this cleanser! It cleans my face without completely stripping it, and has a nice cooling feeling. If I break out, I leave a small amount on the affected area for a few minutes. I've found that it actually speeds up the healing process. I have combination skin, and this basically does everything I want it to do by providing moisture and treating problem skin. It doesn't lather, which I thought I would mind, but the results are so good, I don't think I'll ever use anything else. I highly recommend this!

Raina R.

I use this on a regular basis. I'm a obsessed with all natural products and this one really leaves your face feeling stress free, smooth and better than when you went to sleep. It really refines your skin's texture.

Julia N.
LOVE this cleanser!

I got my first tube of this cleanser about a year ago and I just ran out of it recently. My skin never became immune to its ingredients, so I decided to repurchase it and it's still amazing! This cream has the perfect texture: it's nice and thick but it is easy to spread around your face. I love the smell of it (smells like lemon lollipops) and it's not irritating to my skin AT ALL (and I have sensitive skin). This gives my skin a cooling feeling and makes it feel fresh, clean, and soft but not greasy. I use this in the shower every morning and totally recommend it for any skin type!