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Amazing pigmentation, long lasting, easy/smooth application, and you don't have to buy the one make just for your eye color (although the one made for your color will REALLY make your eyes POP)! You are getting 3 totally different eye liners for the price of one! Definitely worth the price! This should be a staple in EVERY make up drawer!!

Now THIS is the COVERAGE that B.E. SHOULD have!!!! I can wear this with nothing but primer underneath and look awesome! I love this stuff. I am NOT in love with the brush but I can put up with that for such an awesome product! Oh and it NATURAL!!

Great pigment, good volume and length! It really DOES last all day, and you will need an eye makeup remover!!!!!!!!! For the most part it does seem decently water proof.

Love it! Give (believable) good length and volume and great pigment. Not water proof, but it will last if you don't cry or get wet. l0l. This was my EVERYDAY go to before lashblast 24hour.

Boo! I really didn't see anything good worth mentioning here, which is crazy unusual for me! It really does nothing but put a tiny bit of color on your lashes. It doesn't really last, it doesn't volumes or add length, it just doesn't impress me in the SLIGHTEST!

This stuff is perfection. There is only ONE complaint, it is PRICY!! It feels like silk ion your face, makes your face look poreless and your foundation look flawless. A little tiny bit goes a LONG WAY and it will help your make up last all day! I would recommend this to ANY AND EVERY BODY!

I really love the IDEA of this make up, but it just failed me! It is great as a power OBER foundation, but alone it isn't going to cover much. If you were born with great skin or you are looking for something ultra light and sheer then this is for you! For someone like me though, who needs the extra cover up, it doesn't cut it! I love that it is all natural though!!

I love how blendable this blush is. It is sheer, yet buildable and looks very natural! Also weirdly enough, it SMELLS fantastic! It is a great purse or travel sized blush.

All of the UD shadows are pigmented and beautiful! They are GREAT on there own but with UD shadow primer, these will last until YOU DECIDE TO TAKE IT OFF! Most of the colors look amazing on any skin type or color. They are a little pricy, but a definite great buy!

I am in love with this stuff! It is natural, eco friendly, cruelty free, moisturizing, long lasting, and smells AMAZING! It tingles a little (tiny) bit when you first put it on, but I like that!! Great product, I always use it as stocking stuffers and give them to my friends!

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