Bare Escentuals

Sephora Exclusive Get Started Kit


Aubrey G.
Was impressed at first

I was dying to try this at first because of all its good reviews. I got it, and liked it. It didnt cover my skin type perfectly, but nothing does. I have dry and acne prone skin, and nothing will do..but this did better than most. So overall i was happy and i used it for a year. But then I started noticing its bad reviews, and that it wasnt as natural as it claimed. So i switched

Nayda R.

I purchased this kit from the bare escentuals store and I fell in love lol. At first I was reluctant about purchasing product but I grew into liking the kit ALOT! I use the makeup for work it's a natural look for me! But I have to say I dont use it when I go out for the evenings I use my mac makeup! But over all I do like Bare escentuals! Try it ladies it might be for you!

Carla G.

I have been using bare minerals for almost 2 years and since the first time i tried it i fell in love with it! it is so easy to apply and they have a lot of products to choose from. Personally i dont need a lot of make up and i dont have spots or any other thing i need to hide but i do have some redness on my face so it covers it perfectly. The starter kit is awesome, the brushes are great! i've had frieds asked me what make up i use because they like how my skin glows and i always recommend bare minerals!

Amanda R.

I really love the IDEA of this make up, but it just failed me! It is great as a power OBER foundation, but alone it isn't going to cover much. If you were born with great skin or you are looking for something ultra light and sheer then this is for you! For someone like me though, who needs the extra cover up, it doesn't cut it! I love that it is all natural though!!

Erika A.

My skin is combination and sensitive so it can easily get irritated or breakout like crazy. Bare Minerals gives me what I want and what I need. It completely hides my imperfections with a natural look. It really does bring out your true beauty and enhances the real you. It's lightweight and won't make you break out. Plus it has SPF which is great for when you are in the sun. I've done the whole liquid foundation and I'm starting to realize that mineral makeup is the way to go because it works with the oils in your skin and not against it like the liquid foundations do.

Heather C.
Can't go wrong here

I have been using BM for close to 9 years. This company was the leader in mineralized makeup and you just can't beat the orginal. Not saying others haven't come out with good products, just the BM is my go to in my mineral makeup. This is a great starter kit for anyone curious about the brand. It does take getting use to, if you haven't used mineralized foundation, it is very light feeling on the skin. But it covers like the heavier feeling foundations.

Kelly C.

I've wanted to try out BM since I saw there first infomercial on tv about 2 years ago. I've tried other mineral foundations like it and I never thought they were that great. So when I saw that Sephora was selling this kit for only $60, I was a little hesitant bc I figured they would be like the other mineral foundations i tried. I have dry skin so I was also worried about that. But I was wrong, I got it in medium and I like to mix the medium with the tan, that seems to be the perfect color for me. I also use the warmth with the mineral veil. I love how even my skin tone looks and how it gives me some extra color without looking fake or orange.

Leanne H.
All about the brushes! (well not really of course)

I've been using BM religiously for over a year. My mom suggested I get the starter kit, and I was hooked ever since. I especially love the radiance collections, and recommend investing in a great set of brushes. Like others, I was hesitant I wouldn't have the same coverage I was used to in a liquid foundation. But BM even hides my blemishes. I adore Bare Escentuals and always look forward to new products.

Angela V.

This was the very first bare escentuals kit I ever got..I wanted to try mineral makeup and so on my birthday I went to the sephora store 2.5 hours away.. I asked a couple girls if they could tell me which shade i would need and if bare minerals would be right for me. They did my face up which was an awesome experience one of the reasons why I wanted to do makeup on others.. This stuff goes on flawlessly and makes your face look amazing. The kit has got all you need to start out on your picture perfect flawless face that people will totally compliment you over and over.

Sarah S.
Perfect Starter Kit

I was a little hesitant to use powder foundation because I was worried it wouldn't provide enough coverage to hide my imperfections, but it has worked beautifully! It has even helped clear up my skin. Also, the colors matched my skin tone perfectly, unlike cream or liquid foundations where I have to mix two together to get my skin color. The primer that it comes with helps to keep the make up in place, which is huge for the summer when other foundations tend to start melting off or look cakey. The warmth and mineral veil provide a nice finishing touch to make your skin look flawless. I love this kit and encourage anyone who has been hesitant, like I was, to go ahead and purchase it already! :D