Bare Naturale Powdered Mineral Foundation SPF 19


Maddy M.
Great mineral foundation for the price!

I really like this foundation, it's very light and breathable! People always tell me it doesn't even look like I'm wearing foundation. It gives me just enough coverage to cover up my reddish complexion but still allows my freckles to show through. I used BareEscentuals for a few years but my makeup bag got stolen 2-3x from my schools locker room after dance practice and it was getting expensive to replace. I also am on a tight college student budget so I just need something cheaper, this is a wonderful drugstore mineral foundation.

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Katie M.

I adore this powder foundation. i have oily skin and acne and this powder stays on my face and covers like no other. I am in the shade natural ivory and i also like the color range. i usually am the person to pick out a to dark or to light foundation but this was really easy to find ur color. i also like the fact that it is in walmart and walgreens. i recomend to everybody with acne! :)

Jane H.
I'm on my third bottle!

First of all, I want to say that I use a really nice face primer beforehand so it blends into my skin really nicely, maybe that's why I never noticed the "caked on" look other people have complained about seeing. So I would recommend using your favorite primer for this product to avoid that problem. I got this as a more affordable alternative to the true minerals powder, something for my every day foundation. It blends in perfectly with my skin, and it feels like I'm not wearing anything at all!. I unfortunately have acne prone skin with uneven splotches and my coworkers think I have a good complexion because it looks so natural! I have it double as a concealer, I use a small brush with compact bristles to use the powder on dark circles under my eyes and little acne spots and it just makes them disappear! The value is amazing. Even though I use it almost every day it lasts me for about five to six months!

Amanda R.

Now THIS is the COVERAGE that B.E. SHOULD have!!!! I can wear this with nothing but primer underneath and look awesome! I love this stuff. I am NOT in love with the brush but I can put up with that for such an awesome product! Oh and it NATURAL!!

Laura C.
Best ever!

I absolutely love this product! I have tried soooo many foundations and never thought they covered much. I don't need concealer or cover-up or anything under this. It's so lightweight and it evens out skin tone so nicely. There is a wide variety of shades too. The mineral powder definitely makes my skin feel nicer after as well and I feel like my skin has gotten better since starting to use this. Instead of 'bare natural' on the bottle mine says 'true match naturale'. Not sure why the discrepancy, but I know they are the same product. It could be because I live in Canada.

Jennifer G.

Love love love! You can use a little, or a lot depending on the coverage you want. It's very build-able! I have combination skin and it works perfect for me, and evens out my skin tone.

Nicole  B.

This is a great concealer. I love how I can get a range of coverage by how much I apply. The brush that is included is great. It doesn't seem orangey at all and matches my skin tone perfectly. Sometimes it seems a bit drying so I make sure to put on heavy moisturizer before I apply. This looks terrible when I have flakey skin, but I haven't met a concealer that doesn't.

Oana T.

I love this overtop of my MAC prolongwear foundation to set it in when I want an ultra flawless look. Requires a bit of blending but it leaves you looking smooth and polished. Love it!

Angela V.

This stuff isn't bad.. I use to use this before I found out my love for bare escentuals.. It gives good coverage and it is affordable I think I would recommend it to anyone

Delanor J.

This is super pale and creamy. It offers a lot of coverage and requires a bit of blending but it leaves you wit ha flawless, velvety complexion. I love the result. I don't use the applicator brush that comes with the foundation as the hairs constantly fall out and are quite scratchy on the skin. Other than that, this is one of my favs!