Photo Finish Foundation Primer To Go


Chasmin H.
Made me break out within a hour :(

I tried this primer and after using it one time, my skin became very red and irritated. It looked like I had sunburn lol. I heard many great reviews on it and that's why I gave it an open-minded try. I keep my face clean and I make sure everything I apply to my face is applied in a clean way. So I am almost sure it was the actual product that caused my break outs. However, this product is a great primer. Just not the one for me and my oily, sensitive skin. :(

Simera H.
Best Primer

This is hands down my favorite face primer. It makes my skin feel incredibly soft and my foundation and concealer glide on effortlessly and lasts all day. It is a little pricey but it lasts a long time since a little bit goes a very long way. If you want your foundation to last and look flawless then you need this primer in your life.

Stephanie H.

man this product is the BOMB.COM for real i love this stuff i cant do my makeup with out this. i bought the sample and was sold its a must have for any makeup lovers and starters

Denisha D.
This Stuff Works Wonders!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this product. It leaves my foundation looking so flawless! When applying to my face it makes my face have a smooth canvas ready to apply my foundation right after. My makeup last ten times longer with this on. Especially on those days when my skin wants to have its oily moments. The one thing I dont like is its price. But i do not mind paying the price for a product that works wonders. :) its sooo worth it.

Manuela B.

If you want that doll fake look, use this! I love it! Looks amazing in photos and makes your skin super soft, it acts as a filler on your skin! Love the product, but i dont like how pricey it is :( Makes me opt out and go for the other primers because primers aren't my number one concern.Other than that, I love this product, does not make the makeup look cakey like other primers :)

Veronica Y.

You know you found a good product when a random woman on the bus comments on how flawless your skin looks! The stuff is magic, I usually don't wear liquid foundation ( bare minerals kind of girl) but when I do, this stuff always goes on first. It makes your skin look virtually pore less and feels super silky to the touch. A bit on the pricey side, but a little goes a long way and one bottle lasts a decent time.

Amanda R.

This stuff is perfection. There is only ONE complaint, it is PRICY!! It feels like silk ion your face, makes your face look poreless and your foundation look flawless. A little tiny bit goes a LONG WAY and it will help your make up last all day! I would recommend this to ANY AND EVERY BODY!

Catherine T.
Best primer!

I use the Dermaxyl Complex because it has SPF 15. But I love the texture! When it is applied to the face, it gives it a great base to apply make up and it makes your foundation more flawless. My friend says, "its a crime if you don't prime." LOL

Heather C.
Must have

I love this primer. It works beautifully, and a little really goes along way. It goes on so easily and leaves my skin feeling smooth. My foundation lasts all day and gives it lasting power it wouldn't normally have. I recommend this to everyone.

Stephanie T.
Literally feels like silk.

I LOVE this product. It's a bit on the pricy side but it is worth it if you need your makeup to stay put for a long time. It feels like silk going on your skin and really creates a nice canvas for whatever foundation or tinted moisturizer you're going to use. I highly recommend this product to anyone.