Lash Blast 24 Hour Mascara


Lauren F.
My favorite by far.

I've tried a few mascaras in my time of wearing make up. My lashes are naturally long and somewhat thick already. This being said, they can be heavy for some mascaras and my curl will fall throughout the day. This is the first and only mascara I've tried that holds my curl like no other. I was shocked the first time I applied it. I highly recommend trying this mascara. I honestly don't think it gets enough credit.

Erica  S.

It makes my eyelashes look phenomenal! If I'm in a hurry I just quick put this mascara on and it looks like I have long, curled lashes and it does last all day without feel heavy.

Shelby A.
Only mascara I will use.

This is the best mascara I have ever used. I have tried the other brands and kinds that are supposed to be great, but they always got clumpy and didn't last all day. This mascara literally lasts all day through pretty much anything. It absolutely will not go streaking down your face or all over the place. The only issue I have had with it is a funny one - it will make my eyelashes so long that it will give me little black eyelash streaks on the browbone area of my eyelid at some point during the day. That doesn't really bother me, though, considering it makes my eyelashes very long. The best way I have found to apply it is to put the first coat on and let that dry a little while I do the first coat on my other eye and when I get back to the first eye then I just build up my eyelashes. It works like a charm and I very rarely have clumps. I hate clumpy mascara and this one takes the cake for the best mascara ever. I doubt I will ever again use another mascara.

Alejandra A.
in love with this mascara!!

im the kind of girl that always like to have fabulous lashes, and this by far is the best mascara i have purchase,i love it so much i even have it in stock,it really does what it says and it makes your lashes look long and thick,LOVE IT!

Rita T.

Literally stays on all day!!!it is waterproof and you definitely need a makeup remover to remove this mascara!This is always my go-to when it comes to getting ready fast or don't have much time to make-up my whole makes my lashes look longer and super intense!

Amanda R.

Great pigment, good volume and length! It really DOES last all day, and you will need an eye makeup remover!!!!!!!!! For the most part it does seem decently water proof.

Dana A.
Lasts 24 hours...and beyond!

Cover Girl has the best waterproof mascara formulas I've ever tried and the brush is awesome! You'll definitely get a bang for your buck. I love that it lasts beyond 24 hours, but that might be a bad thing for some people. The only thing stopping me from giving it 5 stars is the fact that the smaller bristles towards the tip of the wand seem to have fallen off, making it a bit awkward applying the product on the inner and outer corner lashes.

Violet likes DM S.
Stays on all day and night but hard to wash off.

I have mixed feeling about this mascara as well. I loved it so much the first time I used it but when it came time to wash it off, it was a nightmare. I had to use baby oil and finally got it all off. I decided to only use it for going out and not my everyday look. I do find it to make my lashes look longer and a bit fuller.

Heidi R.

So I have mixed feelings about this mascara. To start off it really does last what seems to be like 24 hours, that I will give it. Only things is to be honest it didn't do anything for my lashes. I don't know maybe I wasn't applying it right or maybe i was expecting miracles but I won't be purchasing it again.