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Jan 23, 2017

Bill W.

I think you're beautiful!

Oct 14, 2011

Cameron R.

Thanks for the follow!!

Sep 21, 2011

Samantha G.

thanks for following :)

Aug 25, 2011

ashley h.

hi erica! i just wanted you to know i've been using the DG body moisturizing eye serum for a few days & i like it so far! it has a ton of rainbowy shimmer in it, but i only use it at night, so i don't know if it covers with make up. but it's pretty! lol. press very gently on the pump for more than enough product! it's too soon to tell if it's doing anything for me though! i hope you try it out & let me know how you like it! (:

Aug 25, 2011

Erica H.

Ooh! I'm planning on going on a Dollar General shopping spree here pretty soon so I'll have to pick it up!

Aug 10, 2011

Alyssa R.

Hey Erica! I totally thought I followed you already. Anyway, NOW FOLLOWED. :)
You were so sweet in your comment with the "charity" thread. Thanks, girl!

xx - Alyssa

Aug 10, 2011

Erica H.

Thanks! And no problem, girl haha. All of y'all are gorgeous and I have no problem standing up for all of the amazing girls on here!

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Erica H.

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About Me

I enjoy fishing, shopping, thrifting, and spending time with my family and cat, Leon. I love me some Jesus. And of course like everybody else here, I like to play around with hair and makeup!! :)

Eye Color: Hazel
Complexion: Fair
Skin Type: Dry
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Texture: Oily
Age: 30