HD Elixir


Stephanie R.
Good winter nescessity

My skin changes drastically when the seasons come and go. I get so dry in the winter, it's unbearable. This really sucks down and locks in my moisturizer if I put it on before hand right. The only con is that is goes pretty quickly. The bottle isn't very big and I kinda hate the eye dropper dispenser. It is impossible to get the left overs out of the bottle when there's still a good amount of product left! That's my biggest con but this is a great product for those who need it!

Frances W.
MUFE HD Elixir is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

I learned of the greatness of the product at Make Up For Ever's Pro Road Show in Atlanta, GA. If you have dry patches or just simply have skin that has to be hydrated or your foundation looks unbecoming.... then THIS IS YOUR SOLUTION! An all-in-one product that will hydrate and prep the skin for a flawless canvas that your foundation will love!

Frances @RevealingBeaute

Shelley W.
Great Under the Eyes

I actually use this under my eyes before applying my corrector and concealer and it gives a nice canvas for both. Plus, I love the fact that it definitely helps during winter when its supper chilly out...keeps the skin from looking dried out.

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Kristalyn G.
Saved my face!

This product is quite simply put, a lifesaver. I had a very bad reaction to a makeup product and after my face settled, I was left with insanely dry skin under my eyes. My under-eye area was already sensitive so it was very difficult to find a treatment that soothed the dryness. I was given a sample of the HD Elixir and the results were instantaneous. I had smoother, firmer skin and there was no dryness! I was so happy that I went to buy a full bottle and I've never had to use anything else since. This is pretty much magic in a bottle for your face!

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Johanna H.
I totally thought this was a gimmick ... until I tried it

There are a ton of makeup products out there that companies say that you "need", but that really don't have any overall effect on your skin or your routine and really don't make that much of a difference, well, ladies (and drag queens) ... this is not one of them. Not only does it help keep my skin and foundation looking fresh and flawless all day long, but it actually moisturizes my skin and helps my foundation go on smoother. I notice a HUGE difference with application as well as all day wear and comfort when I don't use this product. But it's just like any other thing, you really have to see it to believe it.

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Soma S.
Perfect "Pick-Me-Up" in a bottle!

I've used this on both young and mature skin types for a wedding, and it's the must-have for any kit. When you see the difference in everyone's face before and after, you'll see what I'm talking about once you see your tired bride/bride's maid/bridal party turn into supple-skinned, refreshed and awake beauties. It's like a stress eraser from lack of sleep. Love it.

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Kathleen T.
use it all the time

I love this. I always use this on shoots film and my clients great for dry skin. this is a must have. Great on top of any makeup for ever primer base

Face Art Beauty H.
Our favorite moisturizer! Especially on our clients! Turns really dehydrated skin, into lucious plump radiant skin, all in 15 minutes!!! Now, thats what you need when you need to work fast.

It comes in a little kit as well, HD powder, HD primer, and the HD elixir. We love to travel light, and this does it. Works well with any skin tone, and skin texture. Virtually weightless.

Kikikulala L.

Very moisturizing, great to use under the HD primer.