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High Heels and Pedicures

“These shoes are so comfortable I wish I owned a pair in every color!” says Julia. “I normally like an orangey-red polish when I wear these navy heels, which I’ll dress down with jeans. I also love to pair them with a fuchsia, like CND’s Plumville. Recently, I’ve been wearing a coppery chrome color that makes the look a little more nautical.”
“These are a blush-toned pink, so they go with everything. I love this dark, sparkly black polish—it looks like a night sky or a Dior eye shadow palette, and it’s almost a little whimsical,” says Julia. “I wear these shoes with python-print pants or clothes that are earthy tones.”
“Because these are beige, I normally wear a bright red like Flashpoint, but with an earth-toned dress,” says Julia. “I love that the Guava color is so pretty. It’s so feminine and the polka-dots make it flirty. These shoes hurt a lot, so when I’m wearing them during fashion week—I wear heels all day long—I like to run a little foot bath with sea salt when I get home and scrub my feet with CND Sea Rock Soak. I also slather them with CND Cucumber Heel Therapy Cream.”
“These were a gift from my boyfriend that I almost bought myself. I told him that if he ever saw them to get them for me, then he came home with them as a surprise,” says Julia. “I’d normally wear them with a bright pink like Raspberry Parfait or a darker navy. I’ve been loving a Shellac in Black Pool, then layered with Negligee, a midnight blue with sparkle. This is the first time I’ve worn a purple polish on my toes, but I love it! I’ve worn these with a peach skirt and color-blocked my outfit.”
“These shoes are so fun, like grown-up red ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz,” says Julia. “They’re so over the top that you almost want to wear them with jeans, and because they’re such bold shoes, they demand an equally bold color. They’d look great with black polish, but they definitely work with this classic red. They’re sophisticated but not too flashy.”
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For Julia Labaton, president of New York City-based Red PR, representing CND nails has meant a new love for Shellac and unlimited access to a spectrum of colors to paint her fingers and toes. Combine that with her incredible collection of skyscraper stilettos (she’s a real-life Carrie Bradshaw), and you have the ultimate pedicure expert. Beautylish took a peek inside Julia’s gorgeous New York apartment to snap a few pictures of her shoe collection and learned how she chooses polishes to match. “I usually let my polish and shoe combination happen organically,” says Julia, who likes pairing dark, sparkly shades with lighter-hued heels for contrast. We also asked about her all-time favorite color. “I think a classic bright red—like Shellac’s Wildfire—goes with everything,” she says.

All pedicures done by Kris Kiss, a New York City-based CND Education Ambassador.