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Beauty Product Reviews

This night cream pulls through for dry skin!

Even though Simple has discontinued this night cream, for reason unknown - I've stocked up so I decided to review it anyway. There are so many night creams that say they can moisturize my very dry skin - this one is the first to ACTUALLY do so. I've even started putting this over my daily moisturizer on particularly dry spots on my face. I love this night cream and Simple. seriously needs to bring this back! Get your hands on it while you still can!

Simply wonderful!

I have relatively clear, VERY dry skin. For years I put my skin through torture, trying to find skincare products that would bring out the best in my skin. It was red and irritated and generally not happy. Finally, I stopped and switched to JUST these cleansing wipes and my skin is softer and brighter and it looks WAY healthier. They have no scent, they're refreshing and I can keep them on my nightstand for easy use! I love Simple. and I love these wipes!

If the scent doesn't win you over, the quality will!

I picked this out of the tower of small goodies on a visit to Sephora. I keep this balm in my purse just so I can smell it - such a delicious strawberry scent! I also love that it's sheer and keeps my lips moisturized all day. This is my #1 high end lip balm. HIGHLY Recommend!

Everything A Dry Shampoo Should Be!

I am (or was, really) searching for the best dry shampoo the drugstore could offer - I've used dry shampoos by Tresemme, Rockaholic, Dove, and even good ol' Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder and I can honestly say...NOTHING compares to Not Your Mothers Clean Freak Dry Shampoo. The texture of this spray-on shampoo is perfect (not too thick like Tresemme Fresh Start but not thinned out and weak like Dove Refresh+Care) and 1 bottle lasts an insanely long time. The scent is probably my favorite element about this dry shampoo - it is what I always imagine a dry shampoo would smell like: it's a bit sweet, citrus-y, and powdery all in one. My hair smells absolutely divine every time I use this dry shampoo and I would highly recommend this product to anyone searching for a quality dry shampoo that doesn't cost a fortune.

Superb Drugstore Eyeliner!

Not to sound too cheesy but this eyeliner puts the STAY in Revlon Colorstay. It stays where it's put, it will smudge when it's supposed to. Sincerely, this eyeliner has amazing pigmentation (I use the blackest black shade) and it is my go-to eyeliner. Another fabulous drugstore product to be sure!

Broke Me Out

As much as I wanted to like this foundation - things did not go so well for me. I wore it two or three days in a row, and then I woke up with 7 or 8 zits all over my face. I NEVER get acne on my face. EVER. The only thing that changed was the foundation I used, so I can be certain this foundation was the culprit.

I prefer this over original "Princess"

If you love a fruity, musky perfume then you will love this scent I love the original Princess, but in comparison Rock Princess is deeper with an alluring kick to it. I wear this scent almost every day and one or two people will always stop me to ask what I'm wearing. It is the perfect perfume for every Rock Princess.

Quite Impressive

As I've read the other reviews on this mascara, it would seem that it is a hit or miss. I personally love Voluminous Million Lashes and I have been using it everyday for the past few weeks. I use blackest black and it does a fantastic job of coating and adding volume to my lashes. My lashes are naturally quite long and curled so I cannot say anything about adding length but overall, I am pleased and will be purchasing this mascara again.

Fantastic Product!

I have particularly fair skin, and particularly dark under eye circles. I have been short on sleep lately and it shows (unfortunately). However, this dark circle roller does a wonderful job of concealing dark circles and the cool sensation really wakes me up. There are some days where I'll layer concealer over this to really combat dark circles, but this product works wonders on its own! I would definitely recommend it!

Works Wonders on My Dry, Sensitive Skin!

Before I used this moisturizer, all other products just didn't last - my face would be dry again in just a few hours after application. Then I tried this Olay moisturizer and it has become my holy grail. I pair it with the Olay Complete Fortifying Night cream and apply them both in the morning and before bed. My skin is so soft to the touch now and I owe it all to this product!

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