Vera Wang

Rock Princess


Shantel N.

When I found out they discontinued it I cried lol. It is such a beautiful scent and not many people are bothered by it they kind of follow you around the rest of the day just to smell you haha. But it is very strong so you don't need a whole lot.

Madeline R.
My signature scent!

This is by far my favorite perfume. However it has been discontinued so I only spray my bottle when I'm craving the scent. I love it. It smells sweet and smoky but not overpoweringly so. I mainly use it for nights out or on rainy days as a perk-me-up.

Stephanie R.
A good way to stand out

I ALWAYS receive at least 10 compliments whenever I wear this scent. It really is unique and will totally get you noticed by a nose lol. But I hear that the scent has been discontinued? A friend of mine informed me of this a while ago. I was luck enough to find the 3.4 oz bottle tucked away on a shelf at my local T.J. Maxx. So I'm not sure whether or not to conclude that the news from my friend is true or what since I found it at T.J. But overall if this was discontinued, that was a grave mistake on Vera's part!

Felicia D.

By far my favorite Vera Wang scent. It has a real deep fruit-like smell, but its not juvenile or tacky. Definitely one of my favorite fragrances in general. I'd put it over Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture and Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Although, i love those scents as well!

Isabella H.

I love this perfume! It's perfect for me. I prefer it over my other perfumes because of it's so different to the other sweet, floral scents I own. I always get compliments on this perfume! x

Lynn S.
Love it!

I got this in a sampler with other Vera Wang fragrances, and this is the one that I keep going for. It has a light but musky scent that can't be mistaken for another perfume. Its not as floral as the other Vera Wang scents and makes it a nice everyday perfume. Its mixes with your own scent and that makes it smell even better. You will definatly get asked what your wearing with this!

Becky R.
I feel like a rock star! XD

This is the only "Princess" scent I have in the large-size bottle. I BOUGHT MINE AT MARSHALLS FOR $40! Not all Marshalls and TJ Maxx's have them, but it's a good idea to look there if you want it at a lower price! It's such an awesome smell! I feel empowered! XD

Abi H.
I prefer this over original "Princess"

If you love a fruity, musky perfume then you will love this scent I love the original Princess, but in comparison Rock Princess is deeper with an alluring kick to it. I wear this scent almost every day and one or two people will always stop me to ask what I'm wearing. It is the perfect perfume for every Rock Princess.

Melissa D.
Everyday scent!

This is my everyday scent. I absolutely love this but I almost out :( It's very hard to describe the smell but the name says it all. Its what a rock princess wears. All and all I love this.

Savannah S.
For evetyone

I adore this sent. I was walking in the mall thru macys when I caught myself trying to hunt down a sent I couldn't identify. -choire sings-, this sent is fresh, but lovely. I can't describe what it smells like, but its what u would wear trying to be mysterious.