Vital Vitamin Night Cream


Abi H.
This night cream pulls through for dry skin!

Even though Simple has discontinued this night cream, for reason unknown - I've stocked up so I decided to review it anyway. There are so many night creams that say they can moisturize my very dry skin - this one is the first to ACTUALLY do so. I've even started putting this over my daily moisturizer on particularly dry spots on my face. I love this night cream and Simple. seriously needs to bring this back! Get your hands on it while you still can!

Georgie E.

this is a good night cream, although it does feel a little bit on the greasy side, I don't mind because i'm only going to bed - if this was a day cream It'd be a problem. I really feel a difference to my skin in the mornings when I apply this before sleeping, I really feel like it restores all the vitamins/oils I lost through the day wearing makeup. Defintley worth the price and only a tiny bit is needed for a full application :)) <3