Beauty Product Reviews

NOt worth the save!

If you want a lip stain, go ahead and look towards another lip stain. This one has crazy colors that make you think you are going to get a nice pale color and once its on the lips BAM! totally different! They do not last anytime really, And it seemed to dry out my lips really bad. Total miss on this product!

Worth a try

I got this in the trial size as a sample when I was shopping in Macy's, and the lady at the counter was handing out samples. I really liked this product. The texture at first threw me off since it was a bit thick and I was always used to Urban Decay product which is less dense but once I got the hang of how much was the right amount I loved it. Granted you do have to blend a bit more then normal, but once its blended in its a great base for shadow. I don't have any problem with creasing with this! Great product! Went out and bought the full size bottle not too long ago.


I love this lip balm! I have 6 eos balls. I love them, they leave my lips super soft!!! The form of the balm itself leaves you the great position to not have to use soo much balm at once. Therefore you can swab it once and you can easily get top and bottom lips at once! AWESOME~!!!!!

NOt up to PAR!

Hmm, not sure if it's just me from the reviews I have read but I didn't like this liner. I bought the one in black and well, it just was not up to par. Mine dried out really quick, and I rarely had the cap off and then it would crack on my lids. I might give it another go but so far not good on these, other then that I LOVE COASTAL SCENTS!

Easy to use and wont break your pockets!

I absolutely love love love this product, I bought it yesterday and put it on immediately, and I was so happy with it. I never liked using anything on my brows because they tend to look fake and just not right. I applied this and wow was I amazed and in love!

Extra pop without having to pay arm and a leg!

I have purple and aqua in these and I want to say WOW! I love these. They add that extra pop to my look. Makes people want to take a double look at your makeup. I love them. Only thing is I'm not tooooo fond of the brush I usually take another eyeliner brush and take the product from one brush to another and apply.

Love love love

I love this eyeliner. I had first started using cream liner when I purchased coastal scents cream liner and I wasnt such a fan. I decided to give it another try and bought the elf cream liner, I LOVE IT! not only is the packaging a lot different from coastal scents but the consistency of the cream is nice rich and thick!


I love this edition. I have this and the smokey eye and I swear by them. These colors are perfect for the upcoming summer because they are bright and pigmented! They last forever when applied over a primer and base.

love it!

I love this primer. I was a bit skeptical when I purchased it since I always swore by UDPP but, I was blown away. Honestly it worked I would say just around the same as UDPP. The only thing is that if you do not blend in sufficiently it tended to cease a bit on me. But I dont mind taking a couple extra seconds to blend in a bit more, and the best part is its only $1.00 =]