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Smooch Proof 16HR Lip Stain


Gabrielle D.

You defiantly have to moisturize your lips and exfoliate them before using this product. The color didn't stay on my lips very well but I did like the color that it gave off.

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Annabel L.
not true to color

my friend got the nude color and i got the pinkest one and let me tell you there are NOT true to color. the nude color comes out as a really dark brownish color and the pink one is more like a bright scarlet, which is NOT my color. other then that they are pretty okay i mean u get what you pay for so it's not as long lasting as it claims but it lasted for 5ish hours for her, but i wouldn't know since i erased mine and gave mine away..

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Leanna A.
Dries up too fast

I was so excited to try this product out mainly because it was significantly less expensive than Covergirl or Revlon and the color choices are great. At first i was very pleased with this product because it only took two coats of this lip stain for the color to show up and it lasted a pretty fair amount of time throughout the day. After a week or so i noticed it started to dry up and the color would fade in an hour and it would take about five coats for the color to show up. I guess I've learned you get what you pay for >.<

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Amanda J.
I change my mind.

I used to love these, but as I started using more lipstains, i realized this kind of sucks! >.< I prefer Revlon Just bitten or Covergirl Outlast. :) The tips on these ones arent very great, and they leak into the cap quite a bit. I do like the pigmentation, but they aren't the best if you're just looking for a little bit of a stain. I like more buildable color, so this one is just not my favorite as much anymore.

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Sydney C.

I have two of these and Im not really a fan! First off they are reallly drying, even if you put chapstick over it. Also they DO NOT stay for 16hrs. Which I wasn't expecting, but I was at least hoping they would last the 8 hrs I was in school, nope! It's a miss for me.

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Atiyah Y.
Not so great.

Picked one up just to try before buying a more expensive lip stain. Not a fan of this. I don't like the felt tip. Felt like I was drawing on my lips with a magic marker. Definitely stained but made my lips insanely dry even though I used a lip balm under.

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Kendra H.
Not a stain!!!

Although the color is very nice; this is not a stain! It smells like magic marker and does not stick to lips at all! There is absolutely no staying power at all! I really hoped I would live this product but I just can't. I do like to later it on top if my shimmer lipsticks on the days I want more of a matte finish but it's not even great for that in all honesty.

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Lilly A.

This was my first ever lip stain I don't know what color I got it in, but I used it one day, and at lunch time it was all gone. I used it the next and there was barely enough color on my lips, and by the third day it didn't even work. I hated it, and if you you want a cheap lip stain go ahead and buy it. I found a great one by hard candy, it is called all glossed up. I loved that product. So all in all I wouldn't recommend this product, even to my frenemies.

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Elisa S.

Well, I was excited about the violet (Forever Freesia) lipstain when I bought it but it just hasn't delivered. Applied patchy and the hard felt point was irritating. It didn't last an hour and I didn't even eat or drink. Hardly "smooch proof".

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Lala P.

great when applied. didnt stick with me. formula needs to be perfected. smells very strong . feels like a magic marker on my lips. drying and makes my lips peel, the pointed tip was annoying. cant wear with a gloss. tossed it after a few tries

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